Van Gogh: the first trailer for the animated film and the only "adult" photo ... again

Our idea of ​​this painter comes from self-portraits, which he wrote. There is Vincent Van Gogh in a straw hat, preparing to paint the Arles sunflowers, and Vincent, looking in the mirror, with his ear bandaged and drained by insanity. However, the whole generations of art historians do not know the true appearance of the Dutch master. It is believed that he was too poor or too absorbed in his work to pose for photographs.However, now a leading expert on Van Gogh claims to have identified the first adult photograph of a notorious artist who avoided the camera.Dr. de Robertis believes that the bearded man to the right and slightly behind in the group photo (circled) is Van Gogh. His confidence is based on the similarity between the figure and the self-portraits of the artist. Photo via IndependentItalian art historian Antonio de Roberti claims that in a group of 34 men, among whom are French painters Gauguin and Vuillard, "there is one person, in all likelihood, Vincent Van Gogh." The specialist's confidence that the bearded man in the photo is a Dutch post-impressionist is based on the similarity between the figure to the right and a little behind in the group photo (face outlined) and the artist’s self-portraits.
  • Vincent Van Gogh, "Self-portrait with a cut off ear" (1889)
  • Vincent van Gogh, "Self-portrait in a straw hat" (1887)
A general picture was taken towards the end of the 19th century at the Julian Academy in Paris, and is now at the disposal of the National Institute of Art History in Paris. Apparently, Van Gogh is standing next to another Dutchman - his friend Andries Bonger. The latter was the brother-in-law of Theo, Vincent's brother.

Presence in the frame Bonger Dr. de Robertis also interprets in support of his assumptions. He noticed that the tribesmen in the photo are trying to keep closer to each other. For example, the Australians, like the Dutch, stand nearby. Eduard Vuillard (at the back of the group) is present in the same picture, and the leading French artist Pierre Bonnard is next to the supposed Van Gogh.
Left: Jean Edouard Vuillard, Self-Portrait (1888)

The expert and his assistant believe that the photo was taken in the first two weeks of February 1888. Then Vuillard and Bonnard only entered the Academy of Julian, and Gauguin and Van Gogh were in Paris. It remains a mystery why 34 people, some of whom were not familiar with each other and not all were artists, pose together.Photo expert Serge Planturo suggested that Vincent Van Gogh, the third man with a pipe, is in the 1887 image on the left. Photo via L'Oeil de la Photographie Recall that in June 2015, the French magazine L'Oeil de la Photographie published an article by photo expert Serge Planturo, who also suggested that he had found the first picture with an adult Van Gogh. However, Dr. de Robertis believes his finding is more convincing.
Until now, experts know only two photographs of Vincent van Gogh - at the age of 13 and 19 years. During his career, the artist has written many self-portraits. He was too poor to pay models that would pose for him.Photo: Loving VincentToday, the first trailer for the animated film Loving Vincent appeared on the World Wide Web. He promises stunning visual effects in the original format: the tape shows 12 oil paintings per second, created by more than a hundred artists in the "Vincent style." By the way, the creators are currently announcing a set of artists to work on the project - they will go to Gdansk, there is training and join the team of creators "until August 2016". This gives an idea of ​​when to wait for a masterpiece on the screens. The film, which is due out this year, will tell in detail about Van Gogh himself and the hectic time in which he lived. The picture is made in the Oscar-winning studio Breakthru Films.Photo: Loving VincentPhoto: Loving VincentPhoto: Loving Vincent In 1890, Vincent Van Gogh died in poverty, in the arms of his brother Theo, a little over a day after he shot himself with a revolver at his heart. According to materials at and