Selling the masterpieces of Klimt, Chagall and other masters want to pay off the debts of Venice

A sensational news spread around the world: the mayor of Venice intends to sell iconic canvases of famous masters from the Gallery of Modern Art to pay off the city’s debts. For the masterpiece of Klimt plan to gain 70 million euros, and it is expected to collect a total of 400 million euros.The famous Judith II (Salome) (1909) by Gustav Klimt from the Ca'Pesaro Museum (International Gallery of Contemporary Art, Ca 'Pesaro), like other paintings that wish to be auctioned off, “is not directly related to the history of Venice "According to the mayor of the city, Luigi Brugnaro. He put forward and announced the intention of the city authorities about a kind of replenishment of the budget at the expense of museum valuables.JudithGustav Klimt1909, 178 × 46 cmIn addition, it is precisely the mosaics, in particular, of Venice, seen during a trip to Italy that Klimt owes to the formation of his own special style. This is often remembered when they explore the works of the master of the famous “golden period.” “The Second Judith” Klimt shocked the public with her sensual fury. And this is a noble Jewish widow and a brave heroine ?! Rather, it is the fatal Salome, whose image inspired artists Aubrey Beardsley and Franz von Stuck! Hence the generally accepted double name of the painting: “Judith II” (Salome).
They cite the words from the diary of Alfred Bass, a friend of Klimt: “When I saw Gustav’s“ Salome ”, I realized that all the women I had known so far were not real. When I saw his "Kiss" - I realized that I never really loved. When I saw the sketch for “Judith” - I realized the most terrible thing, that I didn’t live at all, and even if I lived something unreal. ”Judith and HolofernGustav Klimt1901, 84 × 42 cm ... two "Judiths" are eight years apart. The first, 1901 of creation, depicts Adel Bloch-Bauer. It is believed that the second is the same sensual nature. Pictures "met" together - at a large exhibition a few years ago. Is one of them now preparing to acquire a new house-museum ... or even a private owner? What can make you want to encroach on museum property that attracts tourists? Despite the crowds of idle visitors, the situation in Venice is deplorable, reflecting not only the general state of the Italian economy. One would like to paraphrase the speech of a people's choice: “The canals are not cleaned, the palaces are in ruin,” and even there are not enough funds for the maintenance of children's institutions. Not at all embarrassed by the reaction of the art public, the mayor added: “Venice wants to set an example to be followed by other cities.”

In general, Brunyaro declared his intention to dispose of the museum values ​​for the amendment of the Venice treasury during his election campaign earlier this year. Since June, he is on duty.

Now the proposal has been announced, and the country's authorities in Rome should consider the proposal (which you can still refuse) in the coming days. If approved, the project will begin the examination procedure and drawing up a list of paintings for sale. We are waiting for the date of the auction? According to the materials and photos of publications The Telegraph, artnet