Gagosian Gallery arranged the first in London solo exhibition of Jonas Wood

Larry Gagosyan is no longer even a “figure” of the art world: rather, a trend that “makes” trends. And if he represents someone in his gallery, then there are good reasons for this. The painting of 38-year-old Jonas Wood is distinguished by bright colors and the lack of perspective - such “comics”. Gagosian Gallery in London presents the new work of the artist at the first personal exhibition of an American in the British capital.Jonas Wood fills the compressed spaces of his paintings with figures, plants and household items, depicts the world in the form of a motley collage with a plane interpretation of forms.Interior with a hearthJonas Wood2012, 259.1 × 233.7 cm In their continuous study of interiors, Wood combines the artistic influences of Pierre Bonnard, Henri Matisse and David Hockney, Japanese and Chinese still lifes, ancient ceramics and unsophisticated textiles from Joseph Frank.

Jonas Wood was born in Boston in 1977, now lives and works in Los Angeles. His works have been exhibited at the Museums of Modern Art in New York and Chicago, the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, the Saatchi Gallery in London and others.
Using objects from his own photos, he repeats them again and again in the form of drawings.
Left: Jonas Wood, "Untitled (Self-Portrait in a Green Hat)" (2009)

He often sketches flower pots and vases from the work of his wife, Shio Kusak, because both spouses are interested in the history of ceramics.
  • Jonas Wood, "Greek vase with green leaves" (2011)
  • Jonas Wood, "A pot with a black landscape and calathea" (2014)
Pottery is a separate topic in the work of Wood. On his canvases depicted a variety of vessels - from classic pots to skillfully glazed works of contemporary ceramists Michael and Magdalena Suárez Frimesse. The color, depth and narration are enclosed within the contours of the vases placed on a white, gray or black background.

In the Gray Greek Vase, cited schematically from a classical model, figures on horses, attic models, written in oil in shades of gray over the entire surface of an amphora; graphic leaves resemble Matisse appliqués.
Wood can divert a significant part of the canvas to the study of the complex texture of a vase from which a faded flower fell, borrow a decorative motif from a shower curtain in a childhood home, portray a vessel painted by dinosaurs that Kusaka made.
Left: Jonas Wood, "Untitled"

In the second group of paintings, Wood converts interiors into surreal spaces filled with conflicting textures and patterns. For the bright, color-rich picture “Kindergarten”, he used an old photograph of his children's center, where there were yellow brick walls and lots of toys.KindergartenJonas Wood2015, 236.2 × 236.2 cmThe exhibition in the Gagosian Gallery will last until December 19, 2015. According to materials