Pierce Brosnan at the airport: a knife - an art affiliation!

Someone please remind Pierce Brosnan that he is no longer James Bond! The Irish-American actor was in trouble with security at Vermont International Airport in early August. During a routine scan, officers found a 10-inch hunting knife in a celebrity's hand bag.According to reports, airport officials asked Brosnan to repack the blade in the luggage. According to The Independent, the actor tried to explain that this is not a weapon, but part of his art supplies.This is what Pierce Brosnan’s workshop looks like. Photos from the actor’s Instagram page “I don’t consider this a 10-inch knife,” insisted Brosnan. - I'm an artist, so I have to sharpen pencils. The knife should be carried in a bag if you want your pencils to be sharpened. ”At the same time, Brosnan did not comment on why he lacked a simple sharpener for work. Fortunately for the actor, he was not arrested and not fined for this violation.

Pierce Brosnan is widely known for his passion for art. He began to draw earlier than playing on stage and in movies. After receiving education in art school for some time worked as an illustrator. Favorite artists called Matisse, Picasso, Kandinsky.

Pictures of Pierce Brosnan. Source: actor official site

Painting helped him cope with depression after the death of his first wife in 1991. His paintings Brosnan sells for a thousand - two dollars. His work “Just Four Guys,” which depicts the Beatles, is on display at Essex House in New York.
Left illustration: Pierce Brosnan, “Just four guys”. Source: actor official site

In late April, the Hollywood superstar visited the Phillips auction house and later published his photo next to the Mark Newson sculpture (illustration above). Later this work was sold for a record $ 3.7 million, although it is not known whether Brosnan became the winner of the auction. Well, perhaps we’ll sharpen the pencils and go on to revise the "Crow of Thomas Crow." And if Pierce Brosnan were not fond of art, who knows, would a star movie take place? Read also: “Pictures of a movie star. Top 5 paintings, which played an impressive role in the movie (part 1) "