Victoria Beckham will be the "spice" for Sothby's

Sotheby's decided to "add spices to the market of old masters." The auction house invited the former soloist of the Spice Girls group, and now fashion designer Victoria Beckham, to cooperate. To spur interest in the July sale of paintings by old masters, the pop star of the 90s chose 16 works by artists such as Rubens and Cranach to present in her boutique in the fashionable Mayfair district in London.The paintings that Beckham has selected will be in her store until June 27, and will fall on the evening sale on July 4. Sotheby's hopes that a demonstration of works by old masters in such an unexpected setting will make them more attractive to the current generation of collectors who do not particularly appreciate such works. “Perhaps a little Posh Spice - and there is a missing ingredient for this,” - punish Internet portal artnet News. Recall, Posch Spice or Chic Spice is the stage name of Victoria Beckham (then - Victoria Adams) during performances in the Spice Girls.
Victoria and her famous husband David Beckham occasionally purchase works of art, but they are reportedly more interested in contemporary artists such as Sam Taylor Wood, Banksy and Tracy Emin. For the first time, a designer will try his hand at curatorial work of this kind. She said that a recent visit to the museum caused her interest in the old masters.Victoria Beckham in a boutique on Dover Street between “Portrait of a man in a spotted fur collar” by Lukas Cranach and “Portrait of a lady in profile” by a painter from the circle of Leonardo da Vinci. Photo: Chris Floyd / Sotheby's “I first visited the Frick Collection in New York last year, and this visit really opened my eyes to the old masters. It was there that my passion began, ”explained the 44-year-old star in the preamble to the project.
Beckham decided to focus on portraits. They are hung on all three levels of her stylish flagship boutique. The designer selected paintings of some of the most famous artists of different genres and eras - from the Renaissance and the Golden Age of Holland to the British of the XVIII century.Portrait of a man in a spotted fur collarLukas Cranach the Elder1510s, 48.3 × 36.5 cm. Among them - “Portrait of a man in a spotted fur collar” by Lukas Cranach, previously estimated at 1.5 - 2 million pounds sterling (2 - 2.8 million US dollars). This is a rare early work, probably written before the end of the first decade of the XVI century. The artist used a panel of Baltic oak for her, which is very unusual for him. Scientists believe that the image was created during the artist's trip to the Netherlands in 1508. This conjecture is confirmed by the fact that the family motto of this richly dressed young man is written in Dutch, and not in German. However, it has not been possible to firmly determine the identity of the model.
Another “star” of the auction catwalk will be “Portrait Portrait - a realistic genre depicting an actual person or a group of people. The portrait - in the French reading - portrait, from the old French portraire - "reproduce something line in line." Another facet of the name of the portrait lies in the outdated word "parsuna" - from the Latin. persona - "person; person". Read more of the Venetian aristocrat "Peter Paul Rubens with an estimate of 3-4 million pounds sterling (4.1-5.5 million US dollars).

Obviously, this is a copy of the Venetian prototype, but the artist presented his own idea of ​​a strong Italian nobleman, a Renaissance man who was used to leadership. In the XVIII century, the picture was considered a portrait of the unknown. In the middle of the XIX century, it was described as a portrait of brother Rubens, and by the end of the same century the model was identified as Doge Giovanni I Cornaro. This theory turned out to be very tenacious, despite the lack of evidence and a lot of inconsistencies.
Left: Peter Paul Rubens, "Portrait of a Venetian Aristocrat." Private collection

In Victoria Beckham's boutique you can also see “Portrait Portrait is a realistic genre depicting a person or a group of people. The portrait - in the French reading - portrait, from the old French portraire - "reproduce something line in line." Another facet of the name of the portrait lies in the outdated word "parsuna" - from the Latin. persona - "person; person". Read more ladies in profile, referred to the circle of Leonardo da Vinci. The painting was painted in the city-state of Milan, where the rules were made by Duke Ludovico Maria Sforza. This image fits very well with the portraits of his yard. Da Vinci arrived in the city in 1482–83 and served the Sforza family for eighteen years, having a significant impact on the painters of Lombardy. "Portrait of the Lady" in the middle of the XIX century bought Baron James de Rothschild as a work of Leonardo. In 1952 it was attributed to Ambrogio de Predisu, but contemporary art critics have recognized this as a mistake. The painting dates from the second half of the 1490s - the beginning of the 1500s and is now estimated at a modest 200-300 thousand pounds sterling (278 - 417 thousand dollars).Portrait of a lady in profile Unknown artist 1490s, 60 × 41 cmSotheby's specialist in old masters Chloe Stead believes that collaboration with Victoria Beckham will encourage the public to discuss. “I hope that by presenting selected portraits of old masters in this amazing, unexpected, modern and elegant space, we will be able to participate a little in the dialogue around the magic of portraiture and its enduring attractiveness even in our modern era, the dominance of selfies,” she said in a statement.Victoria Beckham at the “Portrait of a man in a spotted fur collar” by Lucas Cranach in the main boutique of her brand. Photo: Chris Floyd / Sotheby'sPartnership Sotheby's and Beckham - a new step in the collaboration of the auction house with the stars of pop culture. In May, the company, founded 274 years ago, put on a performance with rap star A $ AP Rocky in New York. And in the main boutique of the Victoria Beckham brand in Dover Street, the works of contemporary artists Martin Turn, Winner of the Turner Prize, and Eddie Pick have already been exhibited. The Archtiv: read us in Telegram and look on Instagram
According to the official website of the auction house Sotheby's and artnet News. Main Illustration: Chris Floyd / Sotheby's