Ivan Shishkin's canvas stolen from the museum was found in drug dealers

Employees of drug control in Belarus seized a painting by Ivan Shishkin from criminals “Forest. Ate "(1897) - the object of" theft of the decade "in Russia. In the summer of 2013, valuable paintings were stolen from the Vyazniki Museum of History and Art, a hundred kilometers from Vladimir. What circumstances accompanied this extraordinary "special. operations "and when the picture will return to the museum? Details - in our material.According to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, employees of the main department for drug control and combating human trafficking have stopped the activity of the international channel for the supply of drugs from Russia to Belarus. On January 16, 2017, during a detention, a large consignment of goods was seized from attackers, and a picture with the signature of Ivan Shishkin dated 1897 was found in the criminals' car. After checking through Interpol channels, it turned out that, along with two other canvases, the painting “Forest. Eli ”was abducted on August 25, 2013 from the Vyaznikovsky Museum of Art and History: three masked robbers hid in the museum building, after its closure attacked a female watchman, tied her up and took out three paintings.

According to preliminary information, the painting “Forest. The trees were brought to Belarus to show a potential buyer from Europe, but the parties did not agree on the price and the deal did not take place. Prior to that, she has repeatedly exhibited at illegal online auctions. The day after the arrest, the canvas was supposed to arrive in Moscow for sale there to a citizen of one of the EU countries.
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Ivan Shishkin. "Forest. Ate. 1897. From the collection of the Vyaznikovsky Museum of Art and History The price offered by an unknown buyer for Shishkin's painting is amazing: 100 thousand euros ... and 3 kg of cocaine. According to experts, the cost of this painting at auctions can reach $ 2 million, but since it is impossible to legally sell the picture, the attackers were ready to sell it for a sum much lower than the real one. Also, take part of the payment in “specific currency”, on the sale of which they fell to law enforcement officers.Konstantin Korovin. “View of the Nerl. Fisherman. 1913 We remind readers that the robbery of the museum in Vyazniki has become one of the most notorious thefts of works of art in Russia in the last decade.
Together with Shishkin's Les, criminals kidnapped two more canvases: “View of the Nerl. Fisherman "Konstantin Korovin (1913) and the work of Stanislav Zhukovsky" First snow. Old pond. According to press reports, at the time of the theft, the value of all three canvases was close to $ 3.3 million. However, if the customer was behind the incident, then no one would have seen the paintings. Consequently, one can hope that the paintings of Korovin and Zhukovsky can also “surface” on the black market.Stanislav Zhukovsky. "First snow. Old Pond. ”After the removal of the criminals, the painting was transferred to the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus, whose specialists had previously recognized its authenticity. The security forces continue to search for the thieves of the paintings, and Shishkin’s canvas after all the relevant events will be handed over to the Russian side.
The problem of the protection of museum premises is one of the painful problems in the former Soviet Union, and the museum in Vyazniki is not robbed for the first time: in Soviet times, 35 years ago, eight paintings were stolen from here. Vsevolozhsky's works “Cherry”, “Sea by the Island of Capri” Meshkov, “Thaw” by Kalmykov, two canvases by Dubovsky, “Sunset” by Pimonenko, portrait work by Kulikov and the most expensive disappearance - the painting “Black Sea” by Ayvazovsky. Despite the fact that the kidnapper was detained, the paintings were not found, and the thief stated that he had destroyed the canvases. It is noteworthy that the news of the finding of the picture was announced on the birthday of Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin - on January 25. Recall that this year marks the 185th anniversary of the birth of this great Russian artist. Title illustration: Ivan Shishkin, “Forest. Ate "(1897) and the artist's signature on the found canvas (collage). Source of photo and video materials: official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.