The main museum of Denmark has laid out its collection in open access

The main art gallery of Denmark - The State Museum of Art (Statens Museum for Kunst, SMK) in Copenhagen - joined the pleiad of world institutions that made their collections available for free download. The website contains over 25 thousand images of works of art. Snapshots marked Public Domain can be used for any purpose.SMK collections cover about 700 years of Danish, European and other world art history.Melancholia Lukas Cranach the Elder 1532, 51 × 97 cm The museum owns the works of such famous artists as Lukas Cranach the Elder, Titian Vecellio, Francesco Parmigianino, El Greco, Frans Hals, Peter Paul Rubens, Nicolas Poussin, Amedeo Modigliani and many others. All of them died more than 70 years ago, and therefore the copyright for their works has expired, and there is no need to request permission for their use - neither from SMK, nor from anyone else.

Since the copyright for these images has expired, users can freely share them (copy, distribute and transmit), modify and reuse them in new contexts, for teaching, research, publishing, filmmaking, including for commercial purposes.
Employees of the State Museum of Art of Denmark offer students and teachers to take pictures for presentations, interactive education, and also as source materials for collages, animations and cartoons.
For students and scientists, they can be useful for increasing specific details, creating their own image banks and as illustrations in print and online publications.
Left: Amedeo Modigliani, Alice (1918). Copenhagen State Museum of Art

See also: One of the most secretive collections in the US went onlineInterior with easel (painter's easel) Wilhelm Hammershoy1910, 98.5 × 83.3 cm “If you are interested in aesthetic and creative possibilities, you can use [photos] to personalize your smartphone, tablet or laptop; play with them in image processing programs like Photoshop; modify, use for collages, animations and videos; typing on t-shirts, posters, postcards and coffee mugs; sharing them on social networks and much more, ”said the SMK website.
  • Lorenzo Bernini, "Bust of Camilla Barbadori, mother of Pope Urban VIII Barberini" (1619). Copenhagen State Museum of Art
  • Virgilius Eriksen, "Portrait of the widowed queen Juliana Maria of Denmark" (1776). Copenhagen State Museum of Art
See also: Metropolitan Museum gives free access to 375 thousand imagesThe SolomonPeter Paul Rubens Court 1617, 234 × 303 cm The site provides the opportunity to download both individual images and complete archives from the sections “Danish and Scandinavian Art of 1750–1859”, “Danish and Scandinavian Art of 1860–1910”, “European Art”, and also “GraphicsMonotype belongs to the group of flat printing techniques. Unlike other prints, which allow you to make a lot of impressions from one form, here you get only one image (hence the "mono" - "one" - in the title). Most often monotypes are used by illustrators of children's books. It is also popular with psychologists (to ascertain the inner state of a person) and teachers (for the development of imagination in children). Read more Collagraphy - a relatively new type of embossed printing. It was invented in the middle of the 20th century and combines environmental friendliness, ease of execution, richness of textures and plastics, and, moreover, it is well combined with other graphic manners (for example, "dry needle"). The printed matrix is ​​a collage (hence the name combining the words "collage" and "graph") and is created by sticking various materials — fabrics, plastic, sand, plants, and so on — to a wooden or cardboard base using various pastes. Read more In the second half of the 15th century, woodcuts began to crowd out an engraving on metal or intalo. The term is derived from the Italian intagliare, meaning "cut, incline, cut through." Unlike woodcuts, where the protruding portions of the matrix are imprinted on paper, here visible traces are left by grooves containing ink. Therefore, metal engraving belongs to the group of intaglio printing techniques. Read more and pictures. Note: if you have the AdBlock application installed in your browser, then disable it before searching the museum website.View from the artist's roomMartinus Rohrby1825, 38 × 29.8 cm. At the same time, the museum curators ask users to indicate the authorship of the works and, if possible, that the SMK provided the image, make notes about the changes, if they were made, and not remove the Public Domain icon. At the same time, it is emphasized that you can follow these recommendations at will. "The quality of photographs is different, but we are working on replacing old pictures with new ones, in high resolution," the museum’s website says. Arthiv: read us in Telegram and see on Instagram Site of the State Museum of Art of Denmark. Main illustration: a fragment of Fra Filippo Lippi’s painting “The meeting of Joachim and Anna at the Golden Gate of Jerusalem” (1497)