National Museum of Sweden published in high resolution 3000 paintings

The National Museum of Sweden has made available for free download the three thousand most popular works of art from its collection. High resolution pictures are available on Wikimedia Commons. Scalable images will also be added to the museum’s online database.Until 2017, the gallery is closed for renovation, and so that everyone has more opportunities to enjoy works of art, last year the museum launched a joint project with Sweden's Wikimedia. As a result, about three thousand paintings became public domain.Frog Pierre Auguste Renoir1869, 81 × 66 cm "The digitization project is an important step towards making the collection of the National Museum more accessible," the press release of the largest gallery in Sweden said.Catching crayfish Karl Larsson 32 × 43 cmSocobo celebrate the work of Swedish artists, with whom it is interesting to meet in its entirety and in detailCat and ChaffinchBruno Liljefors1885, 55 × 142 cm

In total, the museum collection, located in Stockholm, contains about 16 thousand paintings and sculptures, as well as about 30 thousand other art objects and a collection of graphic works of world importance.
Left: Amalia Lindegren, “Nude” (1850s). National Museum of Sweden

“This means that they are part of our common cultural heritage and can be freely used for any purpose,” the museum said in a statement.The Batavian Conspiracy (Claudius Civilis Conspiracy) by Rembrandt is considered the pearl of the collection of the National Museum of SwedenBlessed company Jan Massus XVI century, 91 × 128 cm Now there are scalable images in the database on the website of the institution, but so far they can not be downloaded from there.
“We are striving to fulfill our mission to promote art, increase interest in it and its history,” explains Berndt Arell, Director General of the National Museum of Sweden. - Especially we want to emphasize that these works belong to everyone, and it does not matter how they are used. We hope that our open meeting will inspire new creative use and interpretation of these works. ”
  • Lucas Cranach the Elder, "Katharina von Bohr, wife of Martin Luther" (16th century). National Museum of Sweden
  • Andres Zorn, "Castles in the air" (1885). National Museum of Sweden
Job Arcimboldo: Consider the detailsThe Swedish National Museum promises to further develop its initiative. In the future, the institution intends to create a portal with quick and easy access to all museum collections and archives (the National Museum also includes collections in the Gripsholm, Drottholm, Strymsholm, Rosenberg, Ulriksdal castles, as well as in the Porcelain Museum in Gustavsberg, - ed. ).In the Bois de Boulogne by Bert Moris 1880's, 61 × 73.5 cm

The gallery has joined a growing number of institutions that have opened their treasuries for Internet users. Such museums include the Royal Arsenal, the Skokloster Castle and the Hallville Museum in Sweden, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, and the National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen.
Left: Pierre Auguste Renoir, "Conversation" (1878). National Museum of Sweden

See also: Rijksmuseum announced an open design competition with a prize of 10 thousand eurosDaniele Crespi. Cherubim (17th century). A database of Wikimedia Commons, including links to scalable versions, is available on the GitHub web service as sources for coders participating in Hack4Heritage. This event is organized by Digisam - the Swedish Cultural Heritage Digitization Coordination Agency - in cooperation with the Stockholm City Archives. It will be held from 14 to 16 October.Herminia and the shepherdsEugene Delacroix1859, 82 × 104.5 cmAccording to the official website of the National Museum of Sweden. Main illustration: a fragment of the painting by Alexander Roslin "Lady with a Fan (Artist's Wife)"