Lords of the Flies in Kiev: the exhibition of the finalists of the contest of young artists "fly" 2015 "

Thanks to the fifth competition already, several new names are likely to appear on the art scene of Ukraine. We are looking at, participating: a game of sugar cubes, an artbook, mysterious symbols formed by electrical tape on glass ... I wonder what kind of art to expect artists in the future?The competition of young Ukrainian artists MUHI, which came up with and has been organized and conducted by the gallery owner since 2009, is curated by Marina Marina - this is a view of the landscape, which shows the sea. Also, marines are concrete paintings or sea engravings. The word "marina" (ital. Marina) is derived from the Latin marinus - marine. Read more Shcherbenko maybe has an ambiguous name. But his reputation is unequivocal: the best and fair competition for beginning artists from Ukraine. Here, in fact, discover (and then promote and otherwise promote) talents. The number of today's "names" in our sovrisk, opened thanks to the four previous MUHs, can be judged by the list of laureates. The projects of the finalists of the competition - 2015Dana Cosmina. The birth of dashing. 3D modeling using V-RAY render, printing on drywall. 2015. The artist unites architectural and artistic practices, and the series The Birth of the Dashing (Evil - approx. Ed.) Was created by her with the goal of “simulating an image of a war-torn housing unit.” The ruins of buildings, the complete fall of the sacred and their frame-by-frame appearance and interposition lead to a new form of existence. For 24 frames, the image appears. The number 24 is related to the atomic number of the chromium metal. Chromium, as one of the main components of the metallurgical industry, bears in itself a destructive force and imperceptibly destroys human existence. The chrome-plated dome sprouting from the ruins becomes a symbol of the inner decay and birth of the “dashing” (evil) beauty.Daria Koltsova (1987). The Theory of Protection. Installation: glass, insulating tape, photo, audio. The project consists of a composition of objects made of glass, on which a graphic pattern is applied to the tape, records of Ukrainian archaic plots and a selection of documentary photos found on the Internet. In these ornaments, in the unconfirmed belief in their protective potential, in an incomprehensible form and algorithm of their application, fragments of the mythological consciousness are revealed, to which people of the 21st century turn to in moments of despair, helplessness and fear. It is in animistic ideas that a person seeks salvation and protection. This thesis is confirmed by audio recordings of Ukrainian authentic plots made with the participation of Solomiy Melnik.

Bogdan Volynsky, Peaceful sky. Video installation, 2015.
Bogdan Volynsky offers to distract from the state of media war, endless online disputes, in which millions are participating today. The war fills the screens, and, imagining its end, I want the monitors and screens to turn blue, as if during a system reboot. The blue screen becomes a "peaceful sky" ...

Share Share Share - And today we present completely new surnames, - Marina Marina herself said at the opening of the exhibition of the MUH finalists - this is a view of the landscape, which shows the sea. Also, marines are concrete paintings or sea engravings. The word "marina" (ital. Marina) is derived from the Latin marinus - marine. Read more Shcherbenko.
- This time, the winners were determined by a new, international jury. All the artists whose works you see here at the Institute of Contemporary Art Problems are very young, young people. They make only the first steps in the profession - almost maternally rejoicing for the “muscling”, the gallery owner also stated. Fully mini-interviews look at the video: - In order to be able to speak, more and more young artists are turning to an international visual language. Use a media move that is clear on any platform of the planet. And, practically, they refuse from the traditional school, where they are educated here, in Ukraine, ...
To use the methods of the old school, you need a very large talent and experience. Very young artists participate in our competition. And, of course, they choose what will be more easily accepted by the same experts, ”says Marina Marina, the founder of the FLY contest. This is a view of the landscape that depicts the sea. Also, marines are concrete paintings or sea engravings. The word "marina" (ital. Marina) is derived from the Latin marinus - marine. Read more Shcherbenko.Yarina Shumskaya. Temporary calculations. Interactive installation. The artist is engaged in performance, installation, graphics, without limiting herself to a single format of self-expression. Her project “Time Calculations” is an interactive installation consisting of three parts: “Accounts”, “Dial”, “Dice Game”. Each piece is a game of sugar cubes. So, "Dice" is the artist's way to "turn to the absurd, in which we often find ourselves, losing time, chances, opportunities."Art group "Soup set" (Peter Vladimirov, Yevgeny Korolitov). Black Olympus. Installation. “On December 7, 2013, a group of Lugansk artists, musicians and photographers as part of the project“ Black Olympus ”carried out an expedition to one of the existing waste heaps, which is located near the city of Krasnodon, Lugansk region. The goal of the project was to create a media archive of documentation of individual experiences of interaction with the industrial environment. ” (From the annotation to the “Difficult Land” exhibition, which was held at the Small Gallery of the Mystetsky Arsenal in March-April of this year) In general, compared to previous years, in the projects of 10 nominees we were surprised by their extreme brevity: the “speculative” majority Ilya Kabakov himself would envy, and Odessa conceptualists could shed a tear. A little bit more - and, most likely, it would have been a matter of minimalist design, rather than installations. Fortunately, more familiar objects, from light to spatial installations, are still attracted to young people.Boris Slazhnev. Hidden aesthetics. Installation: graphite, metal, 2015. Installation Boris Slazhneva explores the relationship of the individual with the social system and examines the dissolution of individual qualities in common - social, - norms and values.
The volume part symbolizes the change of the human personality under the influence of external factors.
The graphic image embodies the blurring of the holistic image of a person in the modern world. Graphite on the wall - a kind of reference to the origins of art, rock paintings.
But in general, the expression of the composition, its graphic nature and dynamics should cause real, true emotions: excitement, alertness, interest. And in such a way, to open non-obvious sensory perception, “hidden aesthetics”.Andrei Sakun. Dream. Volume II: Reality or fiction, let's pretend that it does not exist. Artbook A3 format (paper, ink), lightboxes. The artist continues the project "Dreams" in the format of art-beech: if the first volume was devoted to the feeling of nostalgia for the Crimea as a lost dream, then the second is not tied to a specific event or territory.
“This is a visual story that consists of situations of everyday life, my experiences, thoughts and dreams. The patterns and patterns that define our solutions give us a feeling of comfort. This work is about how I tried to find points of support, to understand the surrounding reality. This is something very personal, and at the same time, collectivistic. ”Younger visitors of the exhibition, as we see, are interested in the ideas and thoughts of their peers - contemporaries. There is something to think about! And, however, we have written in vain about the “ambiguity” of the image of a fly. The best “youth” art competition in Ukraine is more suitable for an association not with Golding's anti-utopia novel The Lord of the Flies. I also remember the legend of Virgil. The great poet once forged a brass fly. And after the magical ritual he decorated the gates of Naples with her. The next eight years of living flies in Naples was not. So, Virgil-artist saved compatriots from many anxieties and diseases. The exhibition runs until December 5, 2015. Photo by reportage