"Golden Section" of Mount Ararat and the investment potential of Ukrainian contemporary art

On September 23, the 27th commercial auction of classic and modern art works CLASSIC & CONTEMPORARY ART was held in Kiev, organized by the Golden Section auction house.Ukrainian art market gradually begins to "thaw" and come to life. On September 23, the Golden Section Auction House submitted for auction a collection of 110 lots, taking into account current trends. The public continues to have classic works of art, the prices of which have fallen, and at the same time there is a growing interest in the works of representatives of the domestic contemporary art, who have no less attractive investment. The total number of works presented is 110. The result of the auction was more than 50% sold lots, taking into account postauktsionnyh sales.In the block of classical art of the late XIX - first half of the XX century, small paintings by Sergey Vasilkovsky, Vladimir Orlovsky ($ 40–50 thousand) and large-scale canvas with a view of Ararat Gevork Bashindzhagyan’s mountain (illustration above) were offered as top lots. As a result, the canvas of the founder of realistic painting in Armenia acquired a new owner for $ 38.5 thousand. The art of the Soviet period was represented by Ukrainian masters at the auction. Of course, the Kiev art market can not do without Nikolai Glushchenko. Former records, when celebrities race to buy his work for $ 100 thousand or more as a gift for name day, sank into oblivion. Considering the realities, landscape The development of the genre from antiquity to the present day: how did religion and the invention of oil painting techniques contribute to the formation of the genre in Europe and why is the Hudson River so important? Read more Glushchenko of the 1960s found the owner for $ 16.5 thousand.Summer pond with water liliesNikolay Petrovich Glushchenko1960-s, 60 cm Only ($ 16.5 thousand) was paid for each of the canvases: Autumn Skalka by Joseph Bokshay and Karpaty by Fyodor Manaylo. Representatives of the Uzhgorod school enjoy steady popularity.Carpathian landscape Fedor Fedorovich Manaylo 1970s, 92 × 146 cmAutumn Skalka Joseph I. Bokshay1957, 64 × 83 cmTorgi was pleased with the admirers of the Ukrainian sixties. The top lot of this section is Viktor Zaretsky's masterpiece “Spring has come” has acquired a new owner for $ 27.5 thousand.Spring cameViktor Ivanovich Zaretsky1988, 74 × 94 cm However, it is worth emphasizing that the Golden Section initially declared itself as an auction of Ukrainian contemporary art and this segment, as usual, is presented in various ways and well: from the representatives of “New Wave” that have already entered the history to modern participants of international fairs. In addition, despite some interruption in the work of auctions (from November 2012 to September 2014, the bidding was not held), a group of collectors was replenished with active participants who appreciated the art of the new time. Directly in the segment of contemporary art, the work of Oleg Golosiy, Yellow Room (1989), was in the lead - $ 11,000.The Yellow Room 2Oleg Nikolaevich Golosiy1989, 50 × 70 cm. The works of other contemporary artists were also not neglected. Both paintings by Marco Geiko, presented at the auction, went under the hammer: “Image” - for $ 3300 with an estimate of $ 2000–2500 and the diptych “Untitled” - at a starting price of $ 5500. During the auction were also bought paintings by Alexander Zhudkov, Matthew Weisberg, Pavel Makov, Anatoly Krivolap, Ksenia Gnilitskaya, Yuri Koval and many other authors.For the fans of young Ukrainian art, the organizers prepared a whole “bunch” of promising authors: Anton Logov, Oleg Suslenko, Roman Minin, Daria Mykytyuk, Ksenia Gnilitskaya, Anna Mironova and many others.

In particular, brisk trades this time were conducted around the picture of a young artist, a native of Transcarpathia Michael Dejak "Space" and the cost of the lot exceeded the upper estimate by $ 2,500 and reached $ 10,500.

As a result, 35% of the lots were sold directly at the auction, and about 15%, according to the organizers, on the first day of the sale. At the auction, as well as immediately after the auction, 48 lots were sold. The most expensive lots sold: Alexey Zolotaryov's sculpture - $ 6000 at the start of $ 4000, graphics Monotype belongs to the group of flat printing techniques. Unlike other prints, which allow you to make a lot of impressions from one form, here you get only one image (hence the "mono" - "one" - in the title). Most often monotypes are used by illustrators of children's books. It is also popular with psychologists (to ascertain the inner state of a person) and teachers (for the development of imagination in children). Read more Collagraphy - a relatively new type of embossed printing. It was invented in the middle of the 20th century and combines environmental friendliness, ease of execution, richness of textures and plastics, and, moreover, it is well combined with other graphic manners (for example, "dry needle"). The printed matrix is ​​a collage (hence the name combining the words "collage" and "graph") and is created by sticking various materials — fabrics, plastic, sand, plants, and so on — to a wooden or cardboard base using various pastes. Read more In the second half of the 15th century, woodcuts began to crowd out an engraving on metal or intalo. The term is derived from the Italian intagliare, meaning "cut, incline, cut through." Unlike woodcuts, where the protruding portions of the matrix are imprinted on paper, here visible traces are left by grooves containing ink. Therefore, metal engraving belongs to the group of intaglio printing techniques. Read more Gregory Gavrilenko - $ 4,200 at the start of $ 3000. The works of Martynchikov and Alexandra Chichkan were also “gone” - for $ 3000 each, a collection of works by Oleg Sokolov for $ 10,000 and the work of Viktor Zaretsky for $ 5000.
March 17, 2015 at the auction CLASSIC & CONTEMPORARY ART of the proposed 150 were sold 25% of lots, including: the work of David Burliuk ($ 11,000), Alla Gorska ($ 2 750), Marco Geiko ($ 6400). And “Infanta” Marco Geiko, having started from just $ 2,000, left at a price of $ 6,500. Catalog of the 27th Golden Section auction CLASSIC & CONTEMPORARY ART - on the auction site.