In France, there may be another masterpiece by Caravaggio

The second, a version of the famous Italian genius Caravaggio, “Judith killing Olofernes” (1599), which was lost in the early 17th century, is probably in the hands of a private owner in France. What circumstances accompany the find?According to the testimony of his contemporaries, he seems to have created two versions of the work. The first, measuring 145 × 195 cm, is stored in Rome, in the Palazzo Barberini. The trail of the second work created in Naples, was lost long ago. The mythical second version of the painting is mentioned in a letter from 1607 by the Flemish painter Frans Pourbus the Younger, 1569-1622 - he saw the painting in the studio of the artist Louis Finson (Louis Finson, 1580 - 1617).Judith killing Holofernes. Fragment of Michelangelo Merisi de Caravaggio 1599 If the picture, which the owners tried to sell and export outside France, will be the work of Caravaggio, its cost will be $ 113 million. And although the attribution of work in France is still in doubt, the Ministry of Culture has already banned the export of this particular works outside the country. The negative verdict of the most famous expert on Caravaggio Mina Gregory (Mina Gregori), who "does not find traces of touching the hand," the master, is recognized as not final. The fact of the matter is that some of her latest expert assessments have been recognized as flawed.
Things are easy: wait for the conclusions of two more experts on Caravaggio, the Italians Giuseppe Porzio (Giuseppe Porzio) and Maria Cristina Terzaghi (Maria Cristina Terzaghi). The results of the research promise to announce in the coming weeks. According to with reference to French sources