Woman found Da Vinci painting at home

Fiona Maclaren, a resident of Scotland, suddenly herself was the owner of a priceless relic.

In connection with the desperate financial situation, the woman turned to the appraisers of the auction house Sotheby's. She showed a picture that had been kept in the McLaren House for over 50 years. Once the canvas was presented to Fiona's father, who was a doctor, a grateful patient.

On canvas painted by a woman with a baby. An expert from the auction house, Harry Robertson, noted that the image of a woman's hairstyle is typical of followers of the Italian school. It was also noted that the second toe of the baby is somewhat longer than the rest. Such details are characteristic of the manner of painting by Leonardo da Vinci.

Experts suggest that the great master of the Renaissance worked only on the sketch of the painting, and then his students continued the work. But even in this case, the work is estimated at 160 million dollars. The final conclusions of the experts will be known in 2013. The owner of the canvas is planning to spend part of the revenue for the canvas on charity.