Rene Magritte: a pot and pipe tour at a major exhibition in Chicago

To mark a major exhibition of Rene Magritte at the Art Institute of Chicago online with your design T-shirts, perhaps having received a prize of $ 2,000 or other “bonuses” - this is sur! But also the reality: the conditions of the competition are quite clear, and in the exposition itself there are more than 80 works by one of the world's most famous originals, the surrealist Rene Magritte. The exhibition was in New York and Houston, and Chicago is the final episode of her big US tour.

Charming video announcement of the exhibition - and what a familiar image! A man in a bowler hat, a green apple, an eye - the sky, flying islands, the picture in the picture - it's time to remind the Americans from where the filmmakers and advertisers from all over the world get their inspiration. The large-scale exhibition of the Belgian surrealist René Magritte, held alternately in three major US cities, successfully fulfills its mission: to acquaint the general public, especially young people, with the “original sources” of many popular ideas.

Golkonda Rene Magritte1953, 100 × 81 cmThe man in the bowler Rene Magritte1964, 70 × 50 cmRed model Rene Magritte 1935, 56 × 46 cm. The full title of the exhibition is “Magritte: The Mystery of the Ordinary, 1926−38” (“Magritte: the riddle of the ordinary, 1926−1938”). Visitors have every chance, if not fully disclose it, then make a successful attempt: 80 canvases, as well as collages, photos and even periodicals with works by Magritte - such wealth is on display in America for the first time in 20 years. Among the reasons for the "oblivion", the organizers called ... too great fame of Magritte's images! Working in the advertising business, the artist seemed to bless the use of his style and objects in contemporary pop culture.Modern films "Scam of Thomas Crown" and "Avatar", commercials for luxury cars and ordinary posters - Rene Magritte is widely known, sometimes remaining behind the scenes.Pierced timeRene Magritte1938, 147 × 99 cm Therefore, the main task of the retrospectives, according to the exhibition curator Anna Umland, is to “return” the images to their creator, for example, the silhouette of a person filled with a sky with clouds and a train leaving the fireplace are associated with the name of a brilliant Belgian . The works presented in New York cover the most significant 13 years of Rene Magritte's work, starting with his move to Paris and including the pre-war years in Belgium. It was then that he began to experiment and "invented" his disturbing visual illusions, turned on the "mind game" in canvases, and gained a unique style even among surrealists. His objects did not transform like the flowing clock of Salvador Dali: the viewer's view of ordinary things changed, which Magritte represented in an unusual environment, combination or synthesis. These are the scarves on the heads of "Lovers" (Les Amants), and a picture of the sky with clouds on the wall.Lovers of Rene Magritte1928, 54 × 73.4 cm

And the insidiousness of the “Treachery of Images” canvas (La Trahison Des Images) is in the signature: “This is not a pipe,” says the image of ... a pipe!

The exhibition shows that the pictures painted on the eve of the Second World War — such as “The conditions of human existence” (La condition humaine) —are more vivid. Well, the artist did not hide that he wants to give the viewer optimism. “Life obliges me to do something, therefore I draw” - these are his words, supported by deed.

"The killer in danger" (L'assassin Menacé, 1926) - one of the paintings of Rene Magritte, presented at the exhibition

Magritte's exhibition is a complex event. Thus, in MoMA, along with the exposition, thematic lectures and even cooking classes were held in the museum (the idea of ​​the artist Elaine Tin Nyo). Having admired the pictures accompanied by the curator, having signed up for “Maritt's Eating” they taste and even create dishes based on their motives in their plates. Meringue - clouds, prosciutto with an “eye” of olives in the middle ... Attention - a dish from chef MoMA's Cafe 2: “Fake mirror”! And the real cultural shock from acquaintance with old acquaintances - the images first created by Rene Magritte. The excursion into his truly extraordinary and mysterious world after the exhibition in New York continued at the Menil Collection Museum in Houston, and now at the Art Institute of Chicago.

“The man in the pot is Mr. Mediocrity with all his anonymity. I also wear a bowler - I have no particular desire to stand out from the masses, ”- Rene Magritte.

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