Damien Hirst - for children: alphabet, Mickey, and a heart for baby Beckham

Outrageous and the richest artist in the world decorates the bedroom of the daughter of famous football player David Beckham, publishes the ABC book and presents the painting Mickey for a children's charity: the amount of the contribution is determined by Christie's auction in London on February 13.

Damien Hirst - for a happy childhood

When the "stars" of this size are friends, the news of joint actions is a real gift to the tabloids. No wonder that the paparazzi were waiting for the moment of delivering the work of Damien Hirst to the mansion of David and Vitoria Beckham in Kensington! And what if it was a formalin-shaped shark like Hirst's notoriously famous work? But no: no anatomy, classic heart with butterflies, pink glamor two meters high called “Daddy's Daughter” (Daddy's Girl)!

Still, the order - the decoration of the bedroom of the daughter-baby football player - leaves an imprint on the flight of fantasy scandalous creator. Rumors of "work for a million" were running from August 2013, but only now the picture has cleared up.

But from the work of "Mickey" from the "point series" ("spin paintings"), no one makes a secret: the auction house Christie's holds a traditional exhibition of lots, and you can freely stare at Mickey, whom Hurst "disassembled" into circles. As they say, this is not a feat, but there is something childish about it! So recognizes the artist himself, reflecting on the paintings of this series, created in 1986-2011.

By the way, many of them painted and completed the numerous assistants of Hurst, and how can you know if this approach is starting to devalue the work of the author of strange ideas? However, despite the fall in prices, two paintings of the series (“Pironin Y” and “Oleil Sarkozin”) worth almost 55 thousand dollars were stolen in December 2013 from the London gallery of Exhibitionist. As for Mickey Mouse (“Mickey” - canvas, acrylic) - the funds from his auction sale are intended for the charity fund Kids Company (assistance to children affected by violence). Recall that the most expensive at this point in the picture "point series" Hirst was sold in 2008 for 3.48 million dollars

However, a little childhood from Hurst, you can now easily buy an ordinary child: last year he released a book - the ABC book - Damien Hirst. Attention, baby: the letter J (“Jaws” - “jaws”!) Is illustrated by the work “Physical impossibility of death in the mind of the living”, the very stuffed shark in formalin. But on the cover there are multi-colored dots, or rather, dots ...To be continued in Moscow: an exhibition of works by the artist in the Jewish Museum is scheduled for 2014, some works can also be seen in the retrospective exhibition of the movement “Young British Artists” (Young British Artists - YBA, and Hurst is its leader) in the culture fund “ Catherine". We will return to the topic of these events and be sure to tell whether it is worth taking children with us.