Ben Heine and the Tiger: A New Project of the 3D Wizard

Belgian artist Ben Heine (Ben Heine) includes his pencil drawings in the real world, and now he appears as an art object. With his exhibition in his homeland, the modern master opens the next “big tour” of drawn illusions. And they are also really big: a new project - a new movement!

Pencil - Samodelkin

A series of 3D drawings embedded in some kind of photo is what the 30-year-old artist became famous for. The project was called “Pencil vs camera” (“Pencil vs camera”), and, rather, combined, than contrasted. Actually, conceiving this mix in 2010, Ben Heine wanted to create the effect of “growing”, at the same time and show his creative growth. And the idea came to him during ... writing a letter! However, the whole 10-year experience of drawing and photographing was useful for its implementation. With the incarnation, the former political caricaturist coped with “excellent”, was noticed by critics, the press, gallery owners, favored by Samsung sponsorship, and went on. And also wider and higher.

A new project of 3D-drawings is embodied on huge sheets. They are located on the "cyclorame" - a system of "wall-floor" with a smooth bend. So it’s easier to fool the viewer, and help the tiger get out of the list! In general, all this is reminiscent of "street art" with optical illusions, but the special effects are shown not on the asphalt, but in the gallery. Also, the author is not averse to join the game of realities, hand-drawn and real, taking a series of photos with him as a “bridge” between them.

He draws an owl on the fly, and with a pencil creates his “twin” with a camera. It is symbolic! And also surreal, quite in the spirit of his compatriot, Rene Magritte ... It is also humorous and romantic: this “cordial affection” during the walk is the artist's favorite work, by his own admission.

It is also important for an artist to show not only a stunning effect for the sake of effect, but also to submit an idea on which he is thinking. This is what makes it stand out among 3D creators. “And in general, the most favorite work I always have is exactly the one I'm working on at the moment,” he says. During the Ben A Hein exhibition in Brussels (DCA Gallery) called Parallel Universe, at your request, they can include accompaniment: audiovisual work (music, animation) from the author.

"Walking the Lion" serves the idea of ​​"giving poetic meaning to the paintings, and each new work should tell a story and generate strong emotions, like a poem or a melody." Well - walk! With or without a tiger, but with impressions of the exhibition, which will last until March - for sure. If you wish, you can visit the studio of the creator, having bought a couple of prints or original works.True, it is not clear: the real species, where they should be "included", are attached? You can try to clarify this with the author in our opinion, without embarrassment: Côte d'Ivoire, who was born in a developed republic and has been living in Europe since 7 years old, has studied Slavic languages ​​at the University of Hein. Do you speak Russian, master of the objective-pencil reality?