Villa-Modern Franz von Stuck: a valuable novelty - Hercules and the Hydra

Lucky fate happens not only among people: the canvas, which is considered important in the works of the famous representative of the German secession Franz von Stuck (1863-1928), was bought last year for the museum. "Hercules and Hydra" - the main characters of the final exposition of the master's works in Munich.Hercules and HydraFranz von Shtuk1915, 104 × 110 cm

“Villa von Stuck” is unusual: having built an exclusive furniture according to his own design, furnishing exclusive furniture created according to the designs, painting and painting, the artist provided the city with one of the most interesting museums in the world. And although the permanent exhibition of Von Stuck's works in the museum is small, however, “author's” decor and sculptures provide visitors immersion into the world of the “Prince of Painting”.

Well, Hydra, von Stuck!

From now on, the collection of the museum is one of the most significant works of Franz von Stuck “Hercules and Hydra” (1915), for which at 2013 at Christie's auction it was not a pity to pay the sum of $ 761,848. Previously, the canvas was in a private collection. As for the exhibition, the artist’s heirs provided a small collection of paintings for display in the museum, mainly portraits of his wife and daughter Von Stuck. The miller's son, by the way, quickly became a popular and “selling” artist, successfully married a noble person, and arranged luxurious receptions at the villa. And now the flow of visitors does not dry up: the third most popular museum in Munich invites you to various exhibitions. And watch for announcements, perhaps “Hercules and Hydra” in the company of other canvases will go on a “tour” to other museums.