Marcus as Ophelia: a unique exhibition opens in Moscow

On September 3, an exhibition of Marcus Martinovich, an unusual 9-year-old boy, opens in the Zeppelin Gallery.Marcus - a boy with a special destiny. His feature - autism, the genre of his work - conceptualism? Pictures are like a corridor to another world! They seem to return the viewer to forgotten dreams, and indeed, to a cleaner version of themselves. Adults usually feel something like this when they read The Little Prince ...“Marcus, lying on a black sofa with a new growing tooth” According to Natalia, Marcus’s mother, he doesn’t care what people think of the pictures - he likes the process of creating something new. He does not draw just like that, for pleasure, but draws only when he has an idea. In one of the interviews, Natalya says about her son:
“Marcus is hard to understand. Why do we always say hello? If he needs to talk to a man, he comes up and talks. When he does not need to communicate with this person, then what is the point of saying something? We have to constantly repeat that this is politeness and tradition. Or why say hello with your right hand if your left hand is closer to the other person’s left hand? Why bother to shake hands at all if you can just say “hello?” Through him, I realized how much absurdity in our life, how much we love to create stupid rules. ”“The shadow of the mother in the window” “The shadow of the mother in the window” - the first work of Marcus, and immediately - on the canvas. Before that, he did not paint at all, and then suddenly asked to give him an easel, acryl-acryl - the colloquial name of water-soluble paints, which are based on acrylic resin. The binding element is water, which ensures fast drying, after which the paints no longer dissolve with water, but are washed away only with special solvents. Read further, the canvas and painted my mother’s shadow.“Mom in the beam of light”, “Marcus in the beam of light” In order to draw mom in the beam of light, Marcus illuminated her figure with a flashlight.“Marcus, kissing her mother's hand” Marcus has a developed sense of empania, a desire to understand the world around, and it expresses itself in a strange form. For example, if he was interested in a public person, he can get dressed in her style, get used to the image, take a photo, and then write a picture based on this picture. The same happens with fictional characters.

Take, for example, the painting “Marcus as Ophelia”. Sometimes a boy likes to bathe his dolls, add flowers to the water and take pictures of them. This was the basis for the creation of paintings.

“Marcus feels sick after poisoning to the song Illuminate LUUUL, while his mother strokes him” According to my mother, once in Hanover at the exhibition of Ilya Kabakov, visitors were offered to lie down on a large bed, listen to the sounds of nature and dream. Marcus asked to take a picture of him, then to draw a picture of "Lenin in a box":“Marcus, lying in a box like Lenin”. Once in the hospital, Marcus saw a photo of an elderly nurse retired - it was in a German clinic. He liked him so much that Marcus sometimes began to paint his beard. This is how the image for several paintings appeared:From left to right: “Marcus as Manfred Berner eats raspberries, and she falls right on his T-shirt” and “Marcus as Manfred Berner hovers in the darkness” Self-portraits Marcus most often draws from a photo. For example, when the artist tried to photograph him with a bub, the picture turned out to be blurry, so he also made the picture blurry.From left to right: “Marcus juggling with fish” and “Self-portrait with a tambourine” ( One of the pictures below was written during a cold. Because of the drugs, the boy began to hallucinate. Marcus thought that his bed was a Japanese, on which relatives are advancing. Actually, it is depicted on the canvas.From left to right: “Marcus covers his face with a hand with a sock” and “Do not stand on my Japanese!” Once, mother asked Marcus where the meat came from. He replied - from a shell.
“Remember, in Botticelli, Venus is born from a shell. So, doesn’t she give birth to Venus, doesn’t she just give birth to meat? ”Triptych “Birth of Meat”: “Birth of Ultramarine Meat”, “Birth of Meat”, “Birth of Morning Meat” People with autism have very sensitive ears, therefore sometimes they are painfully unpleasant from external noises - and Marcus often has to close his ears ...“Marcus with closed ears” When Marcus painted Romeo and Juliet, he said: Romeo is sad because he knows how it will all end. But the painting “Butterfly is proud of me” is the result of a long wait. Marcus's dad worked a lot, and he just could not get to come. The young artist drew and repeated: "Here daddy will come, and so he will be proud of me." When the artist realized that he would meet with his father only at home, he decided: “Okay, I'll draw a butterfly. Let the butterfly be proud of me. ”From left to right: “Romeo and Juliet” (Marcus and Natasha Sperling), “Butterfly is proud of me” Recall the exhibition opens in the Zeppelin gallery on September 3 (Moscow, Novinsky Boulevard, 31, 2nd floor, TDC Novinsky Passage). Part of the funds from the sale of paintings will be transferred to the Gosha Kutsenko Foundation “Step Together”.
Text and photos - based on the site The main illustration of the material is “Still Life with Signs”