Graphics by Gustave Dore in the Museum d'Orsay: sounds like music!

An extensive retrospective of the works of the “father of the art of comics” and simply brilliant artist Gustave Dore is held from February 8 in the Paris museum d'Orsay. An exhibition of this scale was last held 30 years ago, so it’s worth a closer look at the new exhibition. Moreover, the museum got down to business thoroughly: did you know that Dore was also a musician, and he “jammed” with Rossini himself?

That's the schedule!

The French genius of the past Gustave Dore (Gustave Doré, 1832−1883) already in 10 years illustrated the “Divine Comedy” by Dante, at 15 he began his professional career as a caricaturist, and at 16 he became the highest paid illustrator of books in France. Dore literally enlivens book texts, from the Bible to Balzac, from Cervantes to Shakespeare and Hugo. The most famous engravings of Dore (this phrase alone became the “card” of the creator), however, he worked in a variety of genres and techniques, including watercolorAkvarel (from Italian. "Aquarello") - a well-known technique of drawing with water-based paints, invented in Article III in China. Water color paints become transparent after dissolving in water; therefore, when applied to grainy paper, the image looks airy and thin. In contrast to oil paintings, watercolor works do not have textural strokes. To read further, painting and sculpture.

Interestingly, Dore worked on a schedule: in the morning - graphics, then painting, and in the evening - again graphics. And each creation, whether it be monumental canvases or small miniatures made with ink or pencil, amazes with the art of drawing, amazing detail, the play of light and shadow, but most importantly - the power of the artist’s imagination.

"Imaginarium" by Gustave Dore

It is not surprising that the largest exhibition of Dora in Paris in recent decades, “the greatest illustrator of the 19th century,” was called “The Power of the Imagination” - “The Power of Imagination”. And just imagine, accompany her ... concerts! Gustave Dore loved music and played the violin very well, sometimes making up the company of the “entrancing Rossini”. The format of chamber concerts perfectly approached the exhibition of the artist: in the Museum d'Orsay there are day and evening concerts, where they perform works of classics by contemporaries of Dore: Schubert, Brahms, Ravel ...Lost ParadisePol Gustave Dore1877In general, the exhibition of Gustave Dore in Paris - you must agree, it sounds! Also as one of the largest art events in the French capital this spring. After France, the exhibition "folk artist" Dore, as Vincent Van Gogh called him, will go on tour to Canada: the National Gallery (Ottawa) will show the work of Dore from June 12 to September 14, 2014