Students joke turned ordinary pineapple into an exhibit

Modern art objects are often misleading the audience. The same happened this time: the pineapple left in the art gallery of the University of Robert Gordon by the Scottish students Rory Gray and Lloyd Jack, the exhibition organizers took for the exhibit.Students love to joke! Two friends bought a pineapple for 1 pound and left it on the table in the gallery, where an exhibition called “Look again” was held, dedicated to a non-trivial view of the world, the ability to see the unusual in the ordinary. One of the students, Rory Gray, published his photo with the title “I created art”. Four days later, they returned to the gallery and found that the staff took the pineapple as an art object and placed it under a glass display case. The story quickly spread through social networks, evoking ironic responses.Photos from Twitter, Lloyd Jack. We have already talked about a similar case when two Californian teenagers who came to the exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art of San Francisco were so disappointed with the exhibits that they put ordinary glasses on the floor in one of the halls. As events developed further - read in our material about art curiosities of the present.
“Initially, my friend Rory Gray bought it as a joke for a friend who was allergic to pineapples, but after he didn’t find this joke funny, we didn’t know what to do with it. At the exhibition, we placed it next to some of the exhibits to see how long it will stay here before someone takes it. The next thing we know is that the pineapple was placed in a glass case, and we could not believe it, comments Lloyd Jack.“Light, camera, pineapple!” - so Lloyd Jack commented on his photo depicting reporters filming the story about the “new art object”. Photos from Twitter, Lloyd Jack. Arthiv: read us in Telegram and look in Instagram. Prepared according to, and Twitter.