Woman's happiness. In Kiev Dymchuk Gallery presented the "Ridicule" 11 young artists

According to the organizers, the main theme of the exhibition is research - how today “high” and “applied” art are related. The result is a surprisingly successful ironic "ladies" project. We have a businesslike appreciation of the utilitarian degree of pillows-dumks with cross-stitched faces, “busik” puppet heads, and even a bouquet of mirrored roses. And in a good way puzzled, - only! - the fate of the postmodern.Lera Fokina, Bella Logacheva, Natalya Marinenko, Francoise Oz, Gritsya Erde, Irina Ozarinskaya, Tatyana Malinovskaya, Nina Murashkina, Tatyana Sklyar, Zhanna Kadyrova and Kinder Album took part in the exhibition. We look around, first of all noting the pillows, the roses, the “inquiring” satin arm and ... the fence. It is symbolic!Pillows pillows Lera FokinaSuch a “Stranger” (below) is a real character. It seems to be possible to meet in the Soborki area in Odessa ... And embroider a picture! Photos of work in the process of creation - from the page of Lera Fokina on Facebook.

Among the names are also very famous. “Mirror” roses of Zhanna Kadyrova: try on the interior? This bouquet of roses from mirrors, fittings and concrete looks in the gallery as equal among equals. Given that the remaining names have yet to open the viewer!

Share Share Share There are few items in the world that are as “mythologized” as a handbag - a reticule. According to her (his) external condition, they say, judge the taste and financial capabilities of the young lady. And the filling, allegedly, accurately reflects the state of the brains of femines. That is, her mind and subconscious mind combined. And all - in the bags, it means - in the framework! Sometimes generously decorated.

Work of Irina Ozarinskaya

Share Share ShareAs for the Ridicula participants, everyone who visited the opening of the exhibition in the Dymchuk Gallery will confirm: the group of artists resembled a real flower garden. All as one - beauties and clever. They invented and realized the projects presented in the “collective” with a playful “ladies'” name, from which the 19th century breathes, when there was no feminism!Artists are not always “out of politics”. Bella Logacheva ironically beat the theme of the Donetsk People's Republic, “introducing” Russian embroidery figurines of Cossacks, soldiers “a la Naytendo” and stylized images of Kalashnikov automatons into the ornament. At the exhibition we discovered the Finnish Nina Murashkina, whose “Ridikul” became the title. project "collective".The Ridicule by Nina Murashkina in Ridicule. What fears does a woman’s love for “beautiful” conceal? ... “I like to do art because you can realize everything in it that you cannot afford in everyday life,” the artist told about her work.
- A part of my project was a quote from Vertinsky, at the same time - my favorite sheet of pink satin, from which the hand was sewn, as well as a spider, which annoys me. And, of course, ridykül. Such bags appeared in the 16th century. Ladies always sewed them by hand.
- How does my Ridicule relate to the works of other exhibitors? By gender! And no, I'm not a feminist, I love men. But sometimes, I want to cut my throat for treason ... - Ms. Murashkina honestly admitted to us in the final of the conversation (video - below).Tatyana Sklyar's necklaces of semi-precious stones and doll heads are one of the most striking projects of the exhibition.Modern female happiness - severely. To be serious, on the whole, it turned out to be a surprisingly successful ironic “ladies” project, to the benefit of which everything seems to play: even the age and appearance of the participating authors. “Girl, such a girl” worldview effortlessly wins the postmodern ... However, was there a boy? That is, did anyone still believe that the “post-” is still in the top? ... The time of art “from the reticule” - returning to a new level to the roots, narrative, - has come long ago. But once again to beat the shift paradigms will never be over.

Without comparison with the “male” creativity, the business, of course, does not do. The project of Natalia Marinenko seems to refer to the installations of Ai Weiwei.
But when looking at the plates of the authorship of Grytsi Erd (below), one involuntarily recalls Hamlet Zinkovsky, who is closer to us geographically, from Kharkov.

Share Share Share“Tarantula - to be disgusting ... And a little ridiculous. And Vertinsky - for persuasiveness! "- the artists' stories about their creations are very interesting. Nina Murashkina's video in" Ridicule "The exhibition will run until August 30, 2015
Photo - author. and partly from the website and the official gallery page on Facebook.