"Dionysus: intoxication and ecstasy" in Dresden

Since February, a practically wine tour started at the Royal Residential Palace, the Saxon Elector Palace. The exhibition dedicated to the god of wine - the works of antiquity, painting of the Renaissance and Baroque, paintings of German impressionists. Bacchanalia is planned for the serious: in addition to the drawn scenes of the total “accusation”, the real party is scheduled for March 7th. Night at the museum? There will be dancing!Opposite the renovated Dresden Art Gallery - everything dedicated to Dionysus, Bacchus, and the cult of winemaking. Peter Paul Rubens, Anthony van Dyck, Annibale Karacci, along with Franz von Stuck and Max Beckmann - this is the exhibition "Dionysus: intoxication and ecstasy" ("Dionysus. Intoxication and Ecstasy"): paintings, as well as sculptures and ceramics (total - 80 exhibits ). They are collected from the collections of various museums in America and Europe, including German collections. And everywhere - the triumph of life and colors: Bacchus and Ariadne, a cheerful drinking baby, intoxicated gods and satires ...You will unwillingly be interested in a welcome offer ... a drink! At night, in the museum, right among the canvases. And also take a walk around the exposition with the director of the museum Fisher, listen to the UNIVERSAL DRUCKLUFT ORCHESTER orchestra conducted by Peter Till (they promise something musical and mechanical!) In the palace chapel, and on March 7 at a special party in honor of the exhibition everything will be sensibly, with feeling, with the arrangement, for only 19−24 euros. Finally, be sure: the pictures are beautiful both day and night, and “ROEDER & SON care about the dance desire” - by God, from such news even the online translator from German is slightly drunk! And until June 10th everything will continue in the same style: dionysia and bacchanalia for visitors.