The Getty Museum has spent over $ 100 million on a painting of Watteau and 16 drawings by the greatest artists.

The Museum of Paul Getty from Los Angeles reported on the most important acquisition in the history of its Department of drawings. These are 16 works on paper by the greatest artists in the history of art, including Michelangelo, Lorenzo di Credi, Andrea del Sarto, Francesco Parmigianino, Peter Paul Rubens, Federico Barochchi, Francisco Goya, Edgar Degas and others. The institution also buys the famous painting of the great 18th century French artist Antoine Watteau. All these treasures are sold by private British collectors.Museum director Timothy Potts called these works "among the best that have been put up for sale over the past 30 years." “It is very unlikely that someday there will be another opportunity to significantly raise the status of the Getty Collection,” he added. It is equally important for the museum to acquire one of the most famous and canonical works of Watteau, “Surprise”. This masterpiece was considered lost and was discovered in the UK ten years ago. The artist depicted the act of seduction in this picture in his graceful manner - this combination of delicate themes and charming performance made Watteau the most respected artist of that time.SurpriseAntuan Vatto 1718, 36.3 × 28.2 cm “Surprise” is the personification of the fête galante, the Gallant century, the bright spirit of French painting of the beginning of the 18th century. The scene depicts a passionately embracing young couple who seem to pay no attention to the musician sitting next to them. This Metsceten - the creator of the problems, a character from the comedy del arte. The masks of this theater occupied a prominent place in the paintings of Watteau throughout his bright but short career (he died at the age of only 37 years). They often flicker among the elegant aristocratic public in parks or on landscapes. For centuries, art historians have known about the painting only from an engraving from 1731 and a copy in the British Royal Collection. In 2007, the canvas was found in the English private collection, becoming the most important work of Watteau, opened recently.

The painting and all 16 drawings were purchased in one package from a British private collector. Sketches belong mainly to Italian masters, but among them there are works of British, Dutch, Flemish, French and Spanish artists.
Among the most interesting are the drawings by Lorenzo di Credi and Andrea del Sarto, a sketch of the head of a young man belonging to Parmigianino, sketches by Giovanni Girolamo Savoldo, Domenico Beccafumi and Sebastiano Piombo, the powerful work of Rubens “African in a Turban”, and also “Pullcineyla I’m Sketched with a Drawing”. »Giovanni Domenico T'epolo.
Left: Michelangelo Buonarotti, "Etude of a Woman in Mourning" (ca. 1500 - 1505). Getty Museum

Pulcinella leads a caravan on a camel ridingGiovanni Domenico Tiepolo1790

The satirical ink drawing “Eagle Hunter” by Francisco Goya depicts a man in a pan instead of a helmet hanging over a cliff and trying to get young eagles out of the nest.
Two works presented Degas - perhaps the greatest draftsman of the XIX century. These are sketches of ballerinas that the artist used in at least three paintings, and a large pastel, demonstrating his unrivaled mastery of this new technique for that time.
Left: Francisco Goya, Eagle Hunter (c. 1812 - 1820). Getty Museum

According to media reports, the purchase price exceeds $ 100 million. This is probably the most expensive acquisition in the history of the museum, which has already collected about $ 6.5 billion in donations. Now most of the works have already arrived at the Getty Museum, but some of them are still awaiting export licenses from the UK. In the meantime, the curators continue to study the same collection with a view to further possible acquisitions. In the near future, the institution intends to arrange an exhibition of their new treasures.
  • Edgar Degas, "Spring (Portrait of Jeanne DeMarsi)" (1881)
  • Francesco Parmigianino, "The Virgin and Child, St. John the Baptist and Mary Magdalene" (1530s)
This deal is a continuation of a series of expensive large purchases that the Getty Museum has been making recently. Among the most notorious acquisitions is "Spring (PortraitPortrait is a realistic genre depicting a person or a group of people existing in reality. Portrait - in French reading - portrait, from old French portraire -" reproduce something feature in the line. " in the obsolete word "parsuna" - from the Latin persona - "personality; person." Read more Zhanna Demarci) "Edouard Manet ($ 65.1 million at Christie's auction in November 2014)," Danae "Orazio Gentileschi (30.5 million dollars at Sotheby's auction in January 2016), as well as " ogomater and Child, St. John the Baptist and Mary Magdalene "by Parmigianino (30.5 million dollars from private British collectors in June 2017).DanaiaOrazio Gentileski1621, 161.3 × 226.7 cm Arthive: read us in the Telegram and look at Instagram On the materials of the official website of the Paul Getty Museum