Nude couple arranged a share in the paintings of Albrecht Dürer in Prado

A couple of conceptual artists have caused Prado employees to be upset, undressing in front of the Adam and Eve panels of Albrecht Durer. The naked duet was quickly removed from the Madrid Museum and taken to the police station. However, some visitors still managed to photograph extremes who have already conducted similar actions in other European museums.

Photo source: Instagram
The initiator of the action, Adrian Pino Oliver, told the artnet News publication that the performance was dedicated to gender turnover. “In Prado, his goal was to show that the concept of a man and a woman, established in the Bible by the example of Adam and Eve, was very outdated,” he said.
According to the young man, gender is only an interpretation, so a man can feel like a woman and vice versa. Oliver added that the show was dedicated to Eva, whose figure he embodied, hiding his male genitalia.

The conceptual partner’s partner, who posed for Adam, was his best friend Jet Brühl, whom Oliver presented as a “non-dual identifying person.” He had already invited her to other artistic events, and now he chose it because “it was a way to express other opinions on gender issues”.
After the incident, the police fined a couple 50 euros for public exposure. A Prado spokeswoman said the museum followed its usual protocol for such cases: a security guard asked visitors to get dressed and called the police. The institution will not insist on prosecuting artists.Adam and EvaAlbrecht Durer1507 The presentation in Prado was not the first act of exposing Adrian Pino Olivera in the museum. According to him, this is part of "" Project V ", dedicated to the goddess Venus, sacred femininity." Such performances were conducted by young people in museums throughout Europe, undressing before such works of art as Mona Lisa in the Louvre, Ophelia by John Everett Millais in Tate Britain and Breakfast on the Grass by Edouard Mans in the Museum Orce.The action of Adrian Pino Olivera in front of the picture "Breakfast on the Grass" by Edouard Manet in the Orsay Museum. Photo source: Instagram The performances began in 2014, when Oliver called himself "Venus's boyfriend", having undressed Sandro Botticelli in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, with the famous "Birth of Venus". He then selected works that express various aspects of femininity — maternal, divine, sexual exploitation, and so on. The artist also performed an act of symbolic castration in front of several works depicting men - including David Michelangelo - in order to initiate criticism of male domination. Art: read us in Telegram and see on Instagram
Based on artnet News. Main illustration: a permanent exhibition on the first floor of the Prado Museum; source - Out of Town Blog