Just add dreams. Spanish dreamer changes objective reality

Clothespin, flower, shuttlecock, button, pencil ... "I turn flowers and household objects into art objects," says Jesuzo Ortiz, a Malaga artist. Just look at how he does it: it's hard not to succumb to this Spaniard's creativityWhat girl in her childhood did not make princesses and fairies from flowers, and who had no idea that the clothespins were toothed crocodiles? The ability to see the miraculous in the ordinary usually dims over the years, but someone still manages to preserve the children's freshness of perception of reality. Jesozo Ortiz (Jesuso Ortiz) publishes his work on Instagram, and they have already managed to conquer an impressive Internet audience with their clarity and charm.

“Designer, illustrator, artist, humanoid. I arrived from another galaxy to occupy the body that you see in the picture (I am the one with the cap). This allowed me to experience very different impressions, one after another, including the impressions of the present moment when I write these words. I am here precisely because of this gift, which gives me the opportunity to experiment on this crazy and exciting planet. ”
This is how Jesús Ortiz presents himself on his personal website.

“Contemplation of ordinary objects (especially colors) takes me to the world of creative possibilities, which I reflect in my works. In addition, objects and real flowers create a 3D surround effect in the illustrations, which makes them very attractive. I love simplicity and convey feelings with minimal means.
Each person is a creator of his own reality: there are much more opportunities in it compared to what our eyes see. I urge you to return the sincere curiosity of your “inner child”, to wake up your mind! ”Urges the artist.Arthive: read us in the Telegram and look in Instagram
According to the materials of the official website of the artist and his Instagram page