Enchanting comics about Toulouse-Lotrek and Van Gogh draws master from Serbia

Cartoonist Gradimir Smudya has remarkable skill and sense of humor. His comics about artists are just brilliant! Forget about the strict framework and enjoy a masterly cocktail of biographical quotes and idols.

Gradimir Smudja (Gradimir Smudja) was born in 1956 in the city of Novi Sad (Serbia), and currently lives and works in the Italian city of Lucca in the Tuscany region. His comics have been published in many European countries from France and Italy to Holland and Hungary.
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Starting with the story of Vincent Van Gogh and his cat (of course, fictional), Gradimir created a 4-part comic series about Henri de Toulouse-Lotrek in 2004-2008 under the general title “Cabaret of the Muses” ("Le Cabaret des Muses", "Le Bordel des Muses"). Then Gradimir returned to the stories about Van Gogh, but without the cat, and you can meet these comics on Amazon for a decent amount.
Looking at funny pictures, pay attention to the intersections of plots from the destinies of two masters: Gradimir on the part of fantasies of courage not to occupy! The artist is not afraid of black humor, risky jokes, and even beaten cliches: he does not overlook the cut off ear of the Dutch sufferer and the small height of a Frenchman. However, Gradimir does not forget about other facts of the biographies of famous artists and beats them very subtly. Friends, rivals, entourage, hobbies, era, entourage, quotes from pictures ... Everything was mixed up in these pictures! And in this whirlwind the main thing is evident: Gradimir Smudya adores his heroes, sympathizing with and sympathizing with them.

Vincent, Arles, sunflowers and ear

Biography, stories about the artist, his work, exhibitions, application for iPhone or Android - Vincent Van Gogh at Arthive.

Henri and Vincent

The Adventures of the Brave Toulouse-Lautrec

“Prostitutes from the best houses of tolerance wore flowers to his workshop and allowed themselves to be painted at any time of the day or night - asleep, brooding, bored, waiting for clients, playing lesbian games, gentle and challenging. He was their prince from a fairy tale and organized breakfasts with expensive wine and sweets.
He loved women with red hair and tall, strong men. The artist was amused when his cousin walked 40 centimeters taller than him in the streets of Paris. The fate of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, heir to a rich aristocratic family, determined the body and therefore he always looked for physicality as a manifestation of the essence of man. And I found ... ”- read the biography of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec in Arthive.In the video below we see the master at work: he is a real left-handed! Even more works by the artist, including caricatures of Klimt, Picasso, Goya, Rembrandt, and more, can be found on the author’s Facebook page. Art: read us in Telegram and look at Instagram