$ 65 million for Zao Wuji's work: a new record set for Asian artists

The monumental abstract picture of Chinese Zao Wuji "June-October 1985" (1985) was sold for $ 65 million in Hong Kong at Sotheby's auction, setting a new record for works by Asian artists. The triptych, tentatively valued at $ 45 million, was also the most expensive work of Uji. In total, the sale of works of contemporary art has brought 200 million dollars - this is the highest amount for evening auctions in Hong Kong.It is reported that the previous owner of the painting - entrepreneur Chang Tsui Dun - received 28 times more than he originally paid for the canvas. In 2005, he bought a triptych measuring 280 × 1000 cm for 2.3 million dollars. Thus, his income was a staggering 2826%. The buyer is still unknown.
Zao (Zhao) Wuji died in 2013 at the age of 92 years. He spent a significant part of his life in France, where he developed his own unique style of abstract expressionist painting. It combined both eastern and western artistic influences. Wuji is one of the few contemporary Chinese painters recognized throughout the world. In 2017, he was closing in the top ten best-selling artists on the planet. This list also includes his compatriots Qi Baishi, Zhang Datsyan and Fu Baoshi.June-October 1985 Ziao (Zhao) Wuji1985, 280 × 1000 cm For the past few decades, Zao Wuji bought institutions in Europe, America and Asia, and they were widely represented in retrospectives around the world. Now the first major exhibition in the last 15 years, Zao Wuji in Paris is being held at the Museum of Modern Art.
The painting “June-October 1985” was ordered to the artist by the famous architect Bei Yumin for Raffles City in Singapore. Monumental and extremely rare work is a "endless period" - a stylistic sign of Zao Wuji. Using the triptych format, the author directly refers to the religious works of the Renaissance. This is the largest canvas that the artist created during his career.Source: Sotheby's Commenting on the record price paid for June-October 1985, Hong Kong dealer Pascal de Sart compared Uji to the great post-war American modernists such as Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman.
Add that so far the most expensive painting by the Chinese artist, sold at auction, was the landscape. The development of the genre from antiquity to the present day: how did religion and the invention of oil painting techniques contribute to the formation of the genre in Europe and why is the Hudson River so important? Read more Wu Guangzhong "Village Zhou". In 2016, he went under the hammer for $ 30.4 million.Wu Guanzhong, Zhou Village. The private collection of Arthiv: read us in the Telegram and look at Instagram
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