Savrasov's picture and drawings of Shishkin's wife added to the collection of the Russian Museum

Cultural property, which in March 2017 was illegally tried to take a Chinese citizen out of Russia, after the court decision, became the property of the state. On September 26, 2018, the Winter Landscape painting by Alexei Savrasov was transferred to the funds of the State Russian Museum, as well as an album of graphic works by Olga Lagoda-Shishkin, the wife of the artist Ivan Shishkin.The painting Winter Landscape is one of the little-known works of the late creative period of Anatoly Savrasov, when the artist experienced the last creative take-off in his life. Art historians believe that the choice of the motive of a winter forest landscape with izba, popular in the last quarter of the 19th century, and the construction of colors on the conventional tonality of colors indicate a collective image of the artist's romantic ideas about nature. The “Winter Landscape”, which has an author’s dating, will be an important addition to the collection of Savrasov’s works in the Russian Museum, which does not have enough of his rare works of recent years.Another object transferred to the Russian Museum is an album of drawings by Russian landscape painter Olga Lagoda-Shishkina. The twenty sheets of the album refer to the early period of the artist's work, when she, among the students of Ivan Shishkin, in 1878 worked on landscape motifs in Siverskaya, near St. Petersburg. A talented student, who became the artist's wife in 1880, already in her early works showed mastery of the teacher’s graphic techniques. The album will be an interesting addition to the museum’s graphic collection, as Olga Lagoda-Shishkina’s works are represented only by twenty-three works in the Drawing Department’s collection.The picture and the album were seized from a citizen of the People's Republic of China, who smuggled in trying to take works of art to China. According to the court decision, the valuables were received for permanent storage in the collection of the Russian Museum. The estimated value of the works is about 1 million 400 thousand rubles (a little more than 21 thousand dollars).

Recall that a year ago, the transport service of the UFSB of Russia transferred to the Russian Museum the painting “Portrait of Jack Hunter” (1923) by Nikolay Feshin, as well as 13 icons of the XVIII-XIX centuries, written in different art centers of Russia.

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