Actor "Klan Soprano" with the picture Guercino: found and recognized!

Photo of the actor, director, spectacular man Federico Castelluccio with a beautiful picture of the XVII century circled the news feeds: the actor personally accompanied home, in the US, his canvas by Gverchino after the picture stayed at an exhibition in Italy. The usual thing? Not really: the background is very interesting.Federico Castelluccio (Federico Castelluccio) - the cold-blooded assassin Fürio Giunt from the cult TV-series “Clan Soprano” - “in the world” unlike the art of the Renaissance, which maintained the distance between the work and the audience, he sought to shake the soul. Of course, successfully: the picturesque pearls of those times are true treasures. Read on.

The subject of his special attention and research is the work of the Italian painter of the Bologna school nicknamed Gverchino (1591 - 1666), literally "oblique", Barbieri Giovanni Francesco. "I spent years studying his work ... I know his paintings and the works of his students, assistants, and I am well acquainted with all of his legacy known to date," said the actor in an interview.

Saint Sebastián Giovanni Francesco Gverchino1634It is not surprising that Castelluccio recognized in his “unknown work” the picture of Gverchino, the real value of which is millions! Frankfurt art dealer sold the work, which was listed as "the picture of the 18th century, depicting St. Sebastian", unaware of the real situation. After winning the auction Federico gave the job for examination. The researchers subjected it to a thorough analysis (X-ray, chemical tests and not only), and confirmed that this is undoubtedly a picture of the Guccino brush! The Metropolitan Museum of Experts also examined the canvas. The artist-actor also took care of the restoration, which took years.Castelluccio spent $ 140,000 on the purchase and restoration of the masterpiece. But in Turin, Federico took part in an elite party in honor of the closing of the exhibition, and helped pack paintings: a friend, art dealer Robert Simon, entrusted him to look after his canvas at the same time Titian, also let us expose the exhibition. Well, and the significant picture of Gverchino will be shown in America too - Castelluccio is proud of the find and wants his art to share his joy.Castelluccio began as an artist, and is not going to stop drawing. Having received an education and a degree in a serious school of New York City's School of Visual Arts (a family from Italy moved to America), Federico really took place as a professional illustrator. Along the way, he played in the theater, later in the cinema, and always drew pictures, often quoting the legacy of the old masters. His realistic (sometimes hyperrealistic) works are known and demanded by the public: they are not bad bought at prices from 15 thousand dollars, are exhibited in galleries and museums, he is ordered portraits of celebrities (Whoopi Goldberg is one of the owners of Castelluccio paintings).Portrait of Federigo da Montefeltro and Battista SforzaPiero della Francesca1472, 33 × 47 cm

A passionate collector, Castelluccio sometimes combines the two affairs of his life. Thus, by order of TV Guide, he painted portraits of the main characters of the Soprano Clan - Tony and his wife. And the actor-artist immediately came to mind the painting "The Duke and Duchess of Urbino" by Piero della Francesca (The Duke and Duchess of Urbino, Piero della Francesca), which he admired in the Uffizi Gallery. It was interesting, isn’t it? The work of Castelluccio was acquired by a Canadian fan of the series for £ 109,500.

Well, an extraordinary story with an actor-artist, his collection and finding a masterpiece is a worthy plot for creating a separate series. Maybe he will appear on the screens - who knows ...