Casimir is alive: as in Kiev, celebrated the "square" anniversary. Malevich-park, selfie and ballet - suprematic!

The Kiev Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (NAOMA) celebrated the 100th anniversary of Suprematism by reconstructing the exhibition “0.10”, at which Kazimir Malevich once presented the Suprematist paintings. The old building of the former art institute itself turned into a monument to the fiery Casimir - inside and out.Putting one foot on his leg, Casimir sits. He is alive. Paraphrasing a poem by Daniel Kharms (after all, he wrote about the poet Velimir Khlebnikov as a “forever alive”, and in memory of the artist Kazimir Malevich compiled darkly exalted, in the spirit of the Old Testament, the hymn “To the death of Kazimir Malevich“), we will get Perhaps the most concise and accurate description of how in modern Kiev they relate to the author of the Black Square.
According to the degree of popularity, a native of the Ukrainian capital, who studied at the studio of Alexander Murashko in his youth, and then, in 1928 -1930, and himself taught at the Kiev Art Institute, today surpassed even another world-famous Kiev resident, Mikhail Bulgakov. Moreover, Kazimir Malevich was even called Ukrainian and wrote his theoretical articles in Ukrainian, which he published in the famous Kharkov magazine Nova Generation. And, last but not least, he used Ukrainian motifs in his work (for example, playing around with the motif of folk dolls, "motanki") and coloristics. Although he himself was a Pole, baptized in the Alexander Church, still functioning in Kiev (he is near the Independence Square).

The answer to the question “Where did Malevich go from?” Is beyond doubt in Kiev.
Works from the exhibition.

Well, today in Kiev there is Kazimir Malevich Street (formerly Bozhenko). He is on the Alley of Kazimir Malevich, he has a “Suprematist” monument (author Dmitry Antonyuk), and nearby are open-air contemporary art. Young artists are proud to become nominees for the prestigious Malevich Prize, which in 2008 (the year of the 130th anniversary of the birth of the fiery Kazimir) founded and presented the Polish Institute in Kiev. About Malevich-Ukrainian there are books. And recently, a large-scale international exhibition and research project of his memory was planned (alas, the plans of Mystetsky Arsenal and the “main avant-garde researcher in Ukraine” Dmitry Yemelyanovich Gorbachev, who were engaged in its implementation, were disturbed by current events). The largest collector of the artist's works remains the legendary Igor Dychenko (art historian, artist).The covers of the monographs of Dmitry Gorbachev and Jean-Claude Markade dedicated to Kazimir Malevich. Actually, he was one of the initiators of the unprecedented event in Kiev: reconstruction at NAOMA (National Academy of Painting and Architecture of Ukraine) of the exhibition “0.10”, where Presented Suprematist paintings. At the same time, they celebrated 100 years from the date of the “invention” by the creator of suprematism. And ... solemnly included portrait Portrait - a realistic genre, depicting the actual person or group of people. The portrait - in the French reading - portrait, from the old French portraire - "reproduce something line in line." Another facet of the name of the portrait lies in the outdated word "parsuna" - from the Latin. persona - "person; person". Read more of the master in the gallery of images of famous teachers of the Academy!

Among the ads in the hall of the Academy - an invitation to a tour "Malevich's Kiev square."

Everything turned out to be unusual at this exhibition! Starting from Malevich-Park from the reproductions of the most famous "Suprematist" works of the master, through which one had to go in order to get to NAOMA ...... and before the banner with Casimir’s self-portrait, which decorated the facade of a building that remembers it:Hall decoration:... And dressed in black, like squares, T-shirts, classic statues in the corridors of the former art institute:At the official opening of the exhibition a “Suprematist ballet” was shown (somewhat amicable to those present) ... (Photo from the official page of NAOMA on Facebook)Presented the project "supermatics" Malevich-Center, which, according to the intention of its author, architect Dmitry Antonyuk, should one day appear on Malevich's Alley:Well, and the original Casimir, alas, among the enlarged colorful copies, there was only one. And against his background, just like in the Louvre near Gioconda, everyone was photographed:Alas, as soon as the official part ended, the exhibition was announced ... closed! And the first thing, out of harm's way, they took that very song without a name.
- Well, now Malevich is not shown anywhere in Ukraine anywhere! And we have - the original! So what that did not stand for long! - Local students proudly explained to me.

In the footsteps of Malevich. Sculpture: Carlos Garisia Laos. "Symbiosis".

Nimble girls students immediately began to dismantle the exposure. In the meantime, the number of visitors to the holiday, which began at 13-30 on a weekday, and by three in the afternoon brilliantly ended, did not decrease. In Kiev, people of all ages walked and walked.
To Casimir. Alive. Ours.
... On that day, nearly a dozen exhibitions were opened in the city at the same time, and all were significant and important artists. The public rushed from one to another ... And there, and there it was heard and discussed: “What have you seen at NAOMA? And ballet, ballet - how do you? Suprematic? ... "More than that!