Pictures of the creator of the tapes about Van Gogh and Basquiat are shown alongside the great masterpieces in the Orsay Museum

Orsay Museum decided on an extraordinary step. He proposed to the famous American film director and artist Julian Schnabel to choose paintings from the 19th century in the permanent exhibition and show his own works next to them. The creator of the film "Basquiat" and "Van Gogh. On the threshold of eternity "laid eyes" on the works of Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Paul Cezanne, which the museum did not want to move from their usual places.According to 66-year-old Julian Schnabel, the director of the institution, Lawrence de Car, literally “moved the skies” to get the director to get what he wanted. Or almost what he wanted - Cezanne, who can not be touched, still remained in place.
The exhibition “Orsay through the eyes of Julian Schnabel” includes 13 paintings belonging to the museum and 11 works by the director over the past 40 years. Some of them are created from broken plates, the other - from not less strange materials like tarpaulin or black velvet.Julian Schnabel at the Orsay Museum. Photo: Julien Mignot / The New York TimesThe earliest product on display is the large-scale Blue Nude with a Sword (1979). This is the first figurative, not an abstract picture, which Schnabel made from broken dishes. It hangs next to a much more compact canvas by Cezanne, "Strangled Woman" (1875 - 1876), which is made in a similar red-white-blue palette.
  • Julian Schnabel, "Blue naked with a sword" (1979). Private collection
  • Paul Cezanne, "Strangled Woman" (1875/76). Orsay Museum, Paris
Julian Schnabel, known for his gigantic works, also chose the two largest paintings of Toulouse-Lautrec - both represent nightlife scenes with the participation of the dancer Moulin Rouge, nicknamed La Gulet. “If you get closer, you will see all these stitches, which may seem like mistakes,” says the director. “But this is part of the artist’s idea and his attitude to the materials.”
The most recent work at the exhibition - fragments of dishes painted with roses and leaves. This picture Schnabel created in 2017, inspired by a visit to the grave of Van Gogh in Auvers-sur-Oise near Paris.Julian Schnabel, "The Roses (at the Tomb of Van Gogh) XVII" (2007). Private collectionPhoto by Julien Mignot / The New York Times. The Dutch Post-Impressionist, whose terrific Self-Portrait (1889) has also become part of the exposition, has recently been particularly taken by an American director. In September, he presented his newest film Van Gogh at the Venice Film Festival. On the threshold of eternity "dedicated to the last years of the artist's life. Willem Dafoe, who played a major role in it, was noted in Italy as the best actor, and the tape itself will close the New York Film Festival this Friday, October 12th.
Schnabel considers Van Gogh "the most contemporary artist" because of "the freedom and clarity that manifest themselves in his works." Like the Dutch painter, the American writes quickly, completing the painting in a few hours, not days. He also prefers to create outdoors, since, according to him, it is better to resist natural phenomena than the dark interior of the studio.Self-portraitVincent Van GoghSeptember 1889, 65 × 54 cm His passion for painting in the open air originated in the late 1970s, when Schnabel created his first "plate" picture while working as a cook in New York. “When I saw this work written in the studio in the open air, I thought it looked awful,” he said. “Since then, I believe that the paintings are better [not to be considered indoors], then you can really see everything.
Willem Dafoe, who took painting lessons from Schnabel, said in preparation for the role of Van Gogh, he often felt as if his hero was standing behind him. “It seemed that he himself could not do this, because he had to be behind the camera. And he needs someone who embodies him in the frame, - said the actor. “The opportunity to participate in such a personal film was a great gift.”Willem Dafoe (left) in Julian Schnabel's Van Gogh. On the threshold of eternity. " Source: CBS Films / The New York Times Julian Schnabel himself said that he had similar feelings about the exhibition at the Orsay Museum. “This is a great privilege,” he emphasizes. “This is similar to a letter written from one painter to another, which is transmitted through paintings.” The first film in the career of Julian Schnabel was Basquiat biopic (1996), in which the title role was played by Jeffrey Wright, and Andy Warhol was played by David Bowie. And the most titled tape at the moment is “The Suit and the Butterfly” (2007) about Jean-Dominique Boby, editor of ELLE magazine, who at the age of 43 was bedridden. This film received an award for best direction at the 60th Cannes Film Festival and Golden Globe in a similar nomination, and Schnabel himself was nominated for an Oscar.
The exhibition “Orsay through the eyes of Julian Schnabel” opens on October 10 and lasts until January 13, 2019. Recall, on November 6, 2018, the exhibition opens, which for two years was prepared by the iconic director Wes (Wes) Anderson (“Hotel Grand Budapest”, “Train Darjeeling "," The Tenenbaum Family "), accepting an invitation from the Vienna Museum of Art History. Together with his partner, costume designer and designer Juman Malouf, he reviewed more than four million works in the museum’s vaults, and chose his favorites. Art: read us in Telegram and look on Instagram
According to The New York Times. Main Illustration: Julien Mignot / The New York Times