"Banksy" self-destroyed "picture, the buyer will take under the new name

The saga of the "self-destructive" picture of Banksy entered into the next chapter. The auction house Sotheby's said that the winner of the battle for "Girl with a balloon" after a week of negotiations, decided to keep the job cut. The woman, who was designated as a “collector from Europe” and a “longtime customer”, last Friday laid out 1.4 million dollars for a canvas."When last week with a hammer blow, the work was cut up, I was shocked at first, but gradually realized that I would have my own piece of art history," said an anonymous collector in her statement. She will pay for her purchase the price that was named during the auction.

Banksy, “Love in the Trash Can” (2018). Private collection
In turn, Banksy agreed to “re-authenticate” the picture under the new name - “Love in the trashcan” - and date it to 2018.
So far it is unclear what was the first - the decision of the customer to save the work or the artist’s decision to re-authenticate and rename.
In turn, Sotheby's is trying to extract the maximum benefit from this story. The company describes the canvas, spontaneously ground in the middle of the auction room, as "the world's first work of art created during the auction." This weekend - October 13 and 14 - the picture will be put on public display in the galleries of New Bond Street in London.

Vandalsky, at first glance, the act actually significantly increased the value of the work. “Banksy could have decided that by destroying his work, he was undermining the capitalists who bought it, but he was wrong,” commented Mikael Fajour of the French art magazine Artension. Now the picture can cost more than two million euros - suggested Thierry Ermann, who heads the company Artprice, which tracks prices on the art market.
In turn, Arno Olivo, an expert at the Artcurial Paris auction house, suggested that Banksy was not going to destroy the whole picture. She was only partially cut and "became something else." And the accompanying noise in social networks gives her the aura of a “cult work of art.” The video about self-destructing work immediately became viral on the Web. When the presenter announced the winner, an alarm was heard, and the picture half slid through the automatic chopper, which the artist secretly built into the frame. Many have suggested that Sotheby's participated in the action, because works of art and frames are usually carefully studied before selling. However, the auction house firmly denies any involvement in this story.
The representative of Sotheby's Alex Branchik wrote on Instagram: “Let's stop the speculations and delusional stories of the conspiracy. Banksy did not destroy the work of art during our evening sale last week - he created another. This is a new work called “Love in the trash can”, 2018. Were we involved in this? Definitely not. Do you really think that Banksy, who puts stencils on the walls in Bristol and hides from local authorities, would like to cooperate with an artistic institution? Come on, you know all this better. ”"Girl with a balloon" - one of the most recognizable works of Banksy. She first appeared on the Thames Embankment in 2002, and a few years later the artist painted it on canvas. At his request, the frame was an integral part of the work. Recall that the hiding British artist confirmed that he had inserted Schroeder into the frame while creating the painting in 2006. Immediately after the action, he posted a video on Instagram, accompanying him with a quote attributed to Pablo Picasso: “the desire to destroy is also a creative motive.”
Based on artnet News and Artdaily