Autumn trends in the art market: big pays more

The largest art fairs in London, Paris, Vienna and Shanghai were held, and sensational auctions were also in the focus of attention of the public. We identify key trends that are worth paying attention to.

Art fairs change pricing

In April 2018, David Zwirner, a famous art dealer and gallery owner in New York and not only (David Zwirner Gallery), expressed the opinion that large and successful art galleries should pay much more for participation in art fairs than small ones. , thereby subsidizing them. This idea caused many controversial opinions. However, the implementation of this idea was not long in coming: on September 3, ArtBasel announced that, starting from 2019, it introduced a differentiated price scale. And on September 6, the International Exhibition of Contemporary Art (FIAC), the Paris fair, which will be held from October 18 to October 21, announced that it will also lower the price for renting small stands, and for renting large ones, it will increase. Thus, the most prestigious fairs of modern art not only changed the old standards of pricing, but also charted a course to support small art galleries.June-October 1985Jiao (Zhao) Wuji1985, 280 × 1000 cm

Record Zao Wuji increases the influence of Asian artists

Chinese artist Zao Wuji died in April 2013. He left behind a lot of works created during his life in Switzerland and France, where, by the way, he was friends with Miro and Giacometti. According to the New York Times, already at that time his works were selling ha in the amount of $ 1 - 5 million. This fall, the Wuzzi triptych "June-October" was sold at Sothebey's for a record $ 65 million for Asian artists, In 2018, they collected $ 135 million. Vinci Chang, head of the department of contemporary Asian art at Sotheby's, said that these figures put Wuji's work on the market along with the work of Western masters. "It is no exaggeration to say that Zao Utszy is one of the few Chinese contemporary artists whose recognition has risen to a global level," Chang added.Chop suiEdward Hopper1929, 96.5 × 81 cm

More large collections are being auctioned.

It has only been a few months since the Peggy and David Rockefeller collection collected $ 832.6 million at Christie's, which made it the most expensive sell-off in history. And in the fall of 2018, Christie's exhibits another major legacy - the Barney Ebsworth collection, which is considered one of the largest private collections of American art in the world. Ebsworth died in April of this year, and among the top lots of the auction is a 1929 Edward Hopper painting entitled Chop Suey, which can help out over $ 70 million and set a new auction record for the artist’s works. InstagrammeMain illustration: work by Alex Da Corte (Alex Da Corte - “Kermit the Frog, Even”, 2018, photo - Art Basel)