Alphonse Mucha: "In Search of Beauty" - a retrospective led by a portrait of Sarah Bernard is expected in the UK

Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum in the British city of Bournemouth and the Alfons Maria Mucha Foundation present a large-scale retrospective of the Czech star Art Nouveau. “Art is a celebration of beauty” - from April 1 to September 27, the artist’s credo will help comprehend the thematic selection of his paintings, and the background for them will be the embodiment of the aesthetic cult of Great Britain - the residence in the modernist style Modern (fr. Modern - new) - artistic style in art, which arose at the end of the XIX century and reigned until the beginning of the First World War. Its characteristic features are decorativeness, smooth lines and roundness of forms, their flexibility and fluidity. Also in modernity you will find an abundance of ornaments and ornaments, attention to plant, natural motifs, and the figures will be flat, like on posters and stained glass windows. Read further, accepting only “distinguished guests”. Hurry to see!

Beauty will save the world

The concept of “Fly style” is a synonym for art nouveau with its soft, natural lines. Posters, magazine illustrations and even ... packages with baby food! Everything that the feather of the Czech artist touched turned into a hymn to female beauty. Tracing the creative metamorphosis that occurred with the artist under the influence of his philosophical views, right down to works written after returning to the Czech Republic in 1910 - this opportunity was presented to the British connoisseurs of art by the Alphonse Mucha Foundation for the first time in 15 years.

The key pictures of the Fly will be on display in three sections. "Women - icons and muse" refers to the early advertising works of the artist and presents a portrait of the muse and actress Sarah Bernard, to whom Mucha dedicated his first poster - "Gismond" (1894), which instantly glorified the author. Vertical format, silhouette, outlined with a clear outline - even then Alphonse Mucha developed his recognizable style. Seeing the poster, Sarah Bernard personally met the artist and secured a place for the theater decorator.

The section "Le Style Mucha - Visual Language" explores the change in the artistic approach of the author, following the emergence of modernism, on the example of such works as "Reverie" (1897/8)"Leferv ytile". Sarah BernardAlfons Mucha1903, 72 × 53 cmThe point or, rather, the ellipsis in the British retrospective is put by the section “Beauty is a force of inspiration”, which introduces the Song of Bohemia (1918) and explores later periods of creativity. Well, the gallery Russell-Coats - a remarkable mansion, once lovingly and richly equipped in a style consistent with the works of Alfons Mucha: the collector presented it to the public along with the collection (its pearls are works of pre-Raphaelites). Currently there is a wonderful exhibition: “Dangerous women! From Kaufman to Emin ”, which gives an idea of“ who is who ”among women artists. Meet in the British Art Gallery and the Russell-Cotes Museum the wonderful works of Vizhe-Lebrun and rebel of the 18th century, the creations of the ladies from the circle of Pre-Raphaelites, including the daughter of Maitre Alma-Tadema, and then catch the Fly! Alphonse Muhu.Alphonse Mucha, In Quest of Beauty retrospective, Russell-Coates Gallery, address: East Cliff, Bournemouth BH1 3AA