"About food" - a gastronomic tour from past to present

Till February 15, a delicious exhibition “About Food” is held in the Moscow gallery “Proun”. The gastronomic diversity covers the beginning of the Soviet period - 1920–1930s - and ends with the works of contemporary Russian artists. Culinary themes are not only still lifes, but also a variety of genre scenes from a generous feast to sketches in grocery stores. Food consumption culture and food industry - the topic implies diversity. And the appetite!

Olga Dmitrievny Yanovskaya's Cake Workshop was written in the late 1930s as if not with butter, but with cream. So I want to eat a delicious rose! Idyll ... 1937−1939, when it was created this charming masterpiece of social realism.The exhibition "About Food" tells visitors the history of the USSR from an unusual angle. For example, in the 1920s, half-empty counters vividly discord with the abundance of goods on the shelves in the 50s, which is adjacent to the happy faces of customers. Well, modern artists are moving away from realistic images and plots and present more of the “game” of the artist with food. These are objects!Still life with sausage Andrei Vladimirovich Vasnetsov1965

The exposition is composed in such a way that all eras intertwined with each other and one could visually see not only the evolution of gastronomic preferences, but also trace changes in the minds of people dictated by historical realities.

Pictures of famous painters, such as Alice Poret and Andrei Vasnetsov, are next to the works of an unknown Soviet artist of the book "On Delicious and Healthy Food." This is a prime example of how design and painting are sometimes inseparable from each other.

Next to the abundance of paintings from the 60s is a series of unusual still lifes with funny signatures of the Totibadze family, George and Anton. Contemporary artists cannot but quote Warhol with his cans of soup and Coca-Cola, they are not afraid to show the “meat” essence (work of Georgy Totibadze), and in general, they either attract, or repel ... From the table!
Anton Totibadze “God forbid, not aldente”, 2014, 50 × 50 cm.

Programmer Savely Anton Tobadze 2012, 60 × 80 cm “One of the characteristic representatives of the artistic environment of that time is Julius Klever Jr., the work is called“ In the Fish Pavilion ”. This is typical of the style of the 1930s, when there was no food as such, but total abundance reigned in pictures, reliefs, and movies, ”says Daria Makarova, curator of the exhibition."Taste" the fruits of creativity of Soviet and modern artists at the exhibition "About Food" can be until February 15, in the Moscow gallery "Proun", at: 4th Syromyatnichesky lane, house 1/6.