Masterpieces ballpoint pen: in Kiev announced the start of the annual competition

Who among us did not draw in the margins of a notebook sitting in a boring lecture? Flowers and boats, patterns and geometric figures ... They say that on the basis of such "handwritings" you can make a portrait Portrait - a realistic genre depicting a person or a group of people existing in reality. The portrait - in the French reading - portrait, from the old French portraire - "reproduce something line in line." Another facet of the name of the portrait lies in the outdated word "parsuna" - from the Latin. persona - "person; person". Read on the current psychological state of a person. And in modern art there are artists who, with the help of an ordinary ballpoint pen, work quite deliberate miracles. Kiev Carp Gallery this year is already the 13th in a row competition “A4, ballpoint pen”. We show the work of participants in different years of competition.Works for the competition “A4, ballpoint pen” this year are accepted from October 1 to December 14. The conditions in brief are as follows: the work must be performed on white A4 office paper in a vertical format with a dark-colored monochrome ballpoint pen. Topics The Karas Gallery is left to the discretion of the participants, but at the same time it also offers its own desirable lines of plot. This year it is “architecture”, “18+” and “recognizable character.” Before submitting the original, the work must be submitted for pre-selection.Author Tatyana Metel
  • Competition works of 2017
  • Artist Darina Levchuk
Participation rules and detailed information on the project's progress are posted on the project's Facebook page.Author Anastasia Mitkova Project “A4, ballpoint pen” lives its full life, travels around cities and exhibitions, is interested in fashion and architecture, music and poetry. His collection of works includes approximately 5,000 drawings with a ball-point pen, among which there are rare works of artists. According to Karas Gallery, the project has become a specific analytical intelligence in the public subconscious, because each visual idea is often born in the form of a monochrome scheme, and then acquires colors and volumes. “We have a unique opportunity to look at creative people in the head and understand what categories they think, how the“ big ”is born,” the project organizers say.
  • Competition works of 2017
  • Artist Zinaida Bliznyuk
Pictured above: 2017 exposition (Karas Gallery - Karas Gallery) The project collection is considered the largest collection of works with a ballpoint pen in the world. Among the authors of the project are such well-known artists as Apollo, Babak, Roitburd, Ralko, Chichkan, Bevza, Bellykov, Isupov, Krivolap, Bludov, Volokitin, Gusev, Reunov and others. The project develops, acquires all new supporters and is open to new ideas and names.Author Vera TelyatnikovaWorks Evgenia RybalchenkoWhile you decide whether to send your work to the competition, we invite you to see the works of the participants of “A4, ballpoint pen” from different years. See, be inspired, decide.Author Svetlana TkachukAuthor Sergey Zakharov
  • Author Julia Abramova
Works of competitors of different years - more pictures you can find here.Arthive: read us in the Telegram and look in Instagram
Main illustration: a fragment of the work of Fatum Dima. Prepared based on the Karas Gallery and its own publications Arthive. All illustrations - Karas Gallery.