Old songs in a new way. Drawings "karaoke art" from the actor-artist

Recently, a great many of the most diverse "rewrites" of famous canvases have appeared. But the work of the actor Alexei Elizabeth, who in his spare time redraws pictorial masterpieces in his own manner, differ from the majority. He does not draw the smartphones to the heroes of the paintings and does not dress them in modern clothes. In his works, Alexey gets rid of all the "excess" and leaves the most important thing - the characters. He himself says: “The Karaoke art manifesto is simple. Want to feel like a Rembrandt - feel. Don't become, no. It is long and difficult, a hundred times tired, sweat. Just feel it. All you need is: a sheet of paper, paint, a pencil and an eraser. Eraser - required. It did not work, you can erase and redraw to infinity. If the soul asks. ”Generally Alexei Elizabeth on the race was written to draw. He was born in a family of artists, spent all his childhood in the circle of creative intelligentsia, and even graduated from an art institute. But then he suddenly changed his mind and entered the drama school. Aleksey became a successful theater actor, he appeared in films and TV shows, but his love for drawing did not disappear anywhere. Although he again took up brushes and pencils, it was caused by misfortune: in 2005, after the operation on the vocal cords, Elizabeth lost his voice.However, Alexey and his brother Sergei began to paint the first works of this kind back in 1996. The artist-actor recalls this with the same amount of humor that is inherent in his drawings: “Mom, having forgotten that her children are well over twenty, said not to get confused under their feet:“ Go to yourself, sit down and paint. ” With moms it happens. My brother and I went, opened a children's encyclopedia on the page about peredvizhniki artists and began to draw. Liked. Three exhibitions were held in Moscow. Art karaoke began to be sold. A good addition to the salary of a theater actor. "A series of drawings by Alexei dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Tretyakov Gallery, has spread over the network recently. Often - with comments that the child drew them. Of course, the famous paintings, "rewarded" by Elizabeth, do not need any introduction. All of these brides, Losers and gentlemen, we have seen hundreds of times. Much more interesting is the deliberately “childish” style of drawings and some funny details. That only is the horse under Bryullovskoy "Horsewoman."Arthive: read us in the Telegram and look in Instagram
Author: Evgeny Sidelnikov.