New Year's special: funny tales of Gerhard Gluck

The festive mood is subtle. It's simple in childhood: the tree, under the tree - gifts, tangerines, tinsel, snowflakes on the windows ... But for adults in the New Year cares and bustle about the holiday mood, it is easy to forget. In order to return the feeling of a fairy tale, we offer you funny, ironic and touching illustrations of Gerhard Gluck: about the New Year holidays, winter and dogs.73-year-old German cartoonist Gerhard Gluck lives a quiet and peaceful life in the city of Kassel. Unlike many of his colleagues, he does not paint on current topics. Leaving aside sharp political and economic issues, he draws attention to everyday life: his neighbors, friends, and his own. Gluck makes fun of minor human imperfections, but does it softly, gracefully, and even cute.For many years, Gerhard Gluck worked as a teacher of fine arts at school. Once a friend suggested that the artist send his caricatures to a newspaper. Luck smiled at Gluck the first time, and he began to publish, including in the prestigious German editions. In the end, he left his work at school and began to earn a living solely on cartoons and illustrations.“The fact that I draw is nonsense, scraps of entertainment,” says Gerhard Gluck. “But lightheadedness is my bread and butter.” It would be funny to try to prove that I am a great artist. I live the life of the middle class and do the art of the middle class. "Arthive: read us in the Telegram and look in Instagram