In the USA, teachers were dismissed from school for showing "pornography" from Ingres and Modigliani

In the US state of Utah, an artist named Mateo Rudea was dismissed from his position as a teacher at the Lincoln Primary School for showing sixth-grade postcards to students of historical paintings that included naked bodies. A call to the police was made by one of the enraged parents, having learned that during the lesson in art history the children saw pictures of Modigliani and Ingres.The reproductions of the four pictures of NU - a genre of art, the focus of which is the aesthetics of the naked human body. The name of the genre - nude - short for the French word nudité - "nudity, nakedness". Read further, created by Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingrom, Amedeo Modigliani, Francois Boucher and Agnolo Bronzino, were part of a set of one hundred postcards with images of works of art. The school bought it several years ago, before it hired Rudea. The teacher did not know, among the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Paul Klee, Claude Monet, Marc Chagall, Paul Gauguin, William Turner and Vincent van Gogh, there are naked bodies.Dark-haired Odalisk by Francois Boucher1745, 53 × 64 cm. When the students discovered the “nude”, the teacher took the postcards from them and explained: “When you grow up, you will go to museums or places where nakedness will inevitably be.” However, some parents complained about “cool pornography”, and Rudea was first suspended from classes for several days, and then demanded to resign. He refused and was immediately dismissed. Read also: In the US, the Prison Department lost a lawsuit about censoring Rubens
  • Amedeo Modigliani, "Sitting Nude" (1916). Curto Art Institute Gallery, London
  • Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, "Valpinson's Bather" (1808). Louvre, Paris
The police, who also arrived at the school on an anonymous complaint from their parents, found that Director Jeni Buist destroyed the “seditious” images from the set, as well as other publications from the school library. “She explained that she sent the cards and paintings to the shredder at the request of the school district administration to prevent them from spreading,” sheriff Chad Jensen told the Journal. “We showed some pictures to the district attorney’s office. They said that they did not fall under the definition of pornography and refused to press charges. ”Read also: Art vs ignorance 1-0: Facebook banned the user for the picture by CaravaggioAllegory with Venus and Amur Agnolo Bronzino 1545, 146 × 116 cm The story got into the media when one of the parents wrote a letter to Jornel about the illegal dismissal of Mateo Rudea. After that, other parents came out in support of the teacher, as well as the senator from the state of Utah, Democrat Jim Dabakis. “Remember that this is a real teacher with a real career and real mortgage payments,” he wrote on Facebook. “Have any of the moralists who fired this art history teacher ever been to an art museum?” Rudea said he intended to appeal his dismissal. “I am determined to fight the charges and clear my name,” the teacher said. - I explained to the whole class that there are images in art that are not always convenient for everyone, that art is better understood when it is placed in the proper context, that the human body is often depicted in art and that the reproductions in the school collection are icons of art history and human heritage. ”Arthiv: read us in Telegraf and look in Instagram. According to