Not millions. 23 works cheaper than 2 thousand euros at auctions in November

"Arthiv" offers an overview of the most interesting lots with a price level of up to 2 thousand euros, which in November can be bought on sales in five auction houses.


Until the end of the online sale of Martha Haider’s art collection, there are only a few days left, but the stakes are not too late. Among the lots, we have identified three - and all these are works of Russian artists.
Sketch of the sets of Alexander Benois, possibly for the ballet "Diana de Poitiers". The premiere of this production to the music of Jacques Iber with choreography by Mikhail Fokin, in stage design and costumes by Benoit, was released at the National Opera in Paris in 1934. The drawing is not in the best condition, its estimate is 400−600 dollars. The current rate is 200 dollars.Sketch of scenery, perhaps, for the ballet "Diana de Poitiers" Alexander Nikolaevich Benois1934, 21.6 × 24.8 cmSketch for Nikolai Benoit - Cossack costume for "Dubrovsky" (1967); the same preliminary estimate and rate as the father’s job. But another drawing - the scenery for the opera Mussorgsoky "Boris Godunov" in La Scala - is rated several times more expensive. For work done in 1970 with watercolors, chalk and pencils, they plan to help out 1,200– 1,800 dollars. The current rate is $ 900.Sketch of scenery for the opera "Boris Godunov" Nikolai Aleksandrovich Benoit1970, 34.2 × 48.6 cmSketch for Konstantin Korovin - costume for the opera "Prince Igor" by Borodin. The drawing, dated 1927, is made with watercolors and pencils. A preliminary estimate of 1000−1500 dollars, the current rate - 1000 dollars.
  • Nikolai Benois, sketch of a Cossack costume for Dubrovsky (1967). Private collection
  • Konstantin Korovin, costume design for the opera Prince Igor (1927). Private collection
The last auction day is November 8th.


The French auction house Tajan will hold on November 16 a sale of drawings of the modern era. The editors of "Arthive" allocated four lots.
First, this is an elegant sketch of “Girl with a mandolin” by Jules Cheret, made by sanguine. Cheret - one of the forerunners of the modern poster that inspired Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Pierre Bonnard, Alfons Muhu and his other contemporaries. And although his works are valued somewhat lower than their works, the Schere's design will decorate any collection of amateur posters or fan of modern. Estimate - 300−500 euros.
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  • Jules Cheret, "The Girl with the Mandolin" (end of the XIX century). Private collection
  • Jean Cocteau, Profile (1959). Private collection
Another interesting lot is the pencil drawing "Profile" (1959) by Jean Cocteau. This small work done with clear, confident lines later became the basis for a series of lithographs. Estimate - 500-700 euros.
The drawing of Mikhail Larionov “The Standing Man” attracted particular attention in connection with the blockbuster retrospective, which takes place in the New Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. The ink sketch on paper, signed by initials, received a preliminary assessment of 400-600 euros.
  • Mikhail Larionov, "Standing Man". Private collection
  • Pavel Chelishchev, sketch of the Harlequin costume. Private collection
The most expensive of the selected lots will be a sketch of the Harlequin costume, created in 1923 by another Russian avant-gardist - Pavel Chelishchev. For drawing gouache on paper, it is planned to help out at least 1000–1500 euros. On the same day, but one and a half hours earlier, tenders will be held in Tajan under the name “Drawings of the old masters”. For some unknown reason, the works of the outstanding representatives of Art Nouveau Erte and Gerda Wegener were among the lots. The sketch of theatrical scenery by Roman Tyrtov (Erte) is tentatively estimated at 600-800 euros. But watercolorAquarel (from Italian. "Aquarello") is a well-known technique of drawing using water-based paints, invented in Art. III. in China. Water color paints become transparent after dissolving in water; therefore, when applied to grainy paper, the image looks airy and thin. In contrast to oil paintings, there are no textured strokes in watercolor paintings. Read further The Masked Ball by the shocking Danish artist costs a little more - 700–900 euros. Recall that for the performance of the role of Wegener in the film “The Girl from Denmark”, actress Alicia Wikander received an Oscar in 2016.Sketch of theatrical sceneryRoman Petrovich Tyrtov (Erte) Beginning of the 20th century, 20 × 35 cmRead the topic: A novel in art. 5 letters from Erte's biographyThe masquerade ball by Gerd Wegener24.5 × 33.5 cm A good acquisition for fans of academism will be two drawings by Henrym Semiradsky - “Sketch of women with a jug” (estimate - 500–700 euros) and “Sketch of ancient characters” (600–800 euros).
For 1000–1500 euros, it is planned to sell watercolor Acquarel (from Italian. "Aquarello") - a well-known technique of drawing with the help of water-based paints, invented in Art. III. in China. Water color paints become transparent after dissolving in water; therefore, when applied to grainy paper, the image looks airy and thin. Unlike oil paintings, watercolor paintings are missing textural strokes. Read more The Indian in the Rocky Mountains by Auguste Bartholdi, author of the Statue of Liberty, which the French presented to the Americans.Sketch of women with a jugGenrich Ippolitovich SemiradskyEnd of the XIX century, 25 × 15 cmEtude of ancient charactersGenrich Ippolitovich SemiradskyEnd of the XIX century, 25.5 × 37 cmNative American in the Rocky Mountains Frederic Auguste BartholdyEnd of the XIX century, 12 × 20 cm


One of the oldest auction houses in the world, the Austrian Dorotheum, will hold an online auction "Pictures" on November 13. The starting prices for the 140 lots represented there range from 60 to 2800 euros. But our experts highlighted one picture - a gently and subtly executed portrait. A portrait is a realistic genre depicting an actual person or group of people. The portrait - in the French reading - portrait, from the old French portraire - "reproduce something line in line." Another facet of the name of the portrait lies in the outdated word "parsuna" - from the Latin. persona - "person; person". Read more "The girl with roses in her hair" brush unknown master. Bidding for the canvas, dated XIX century, will begin with 600 euros.A girl with roses in her hair Unknown artistXIX century, 38 × 32 cm


The auction house Lempertz will sell works of old masters on November 17 in Cologne. Among the many exciting works of Arthiv drew attention to the drawing of the artist of the Netherlands school of the XVIII century "Landscape The development of the genre from antiquity to the present day: how religion and the invention of oil painting techniques contributed to the formation of the genre in Europe and why is the Hudson River so important? Read further with a wooden bridge and travelers ”, as well as a small, but detailed sketch“ Landscape with shepherds ”.Landscape with a wooden bridge and travelers Unknown artist of the XVIII century, 22 × 27.3 cmHe was performed by the German artist Wilhelm von Kobelle based on the picture of his Dutch colleague Nicholas Berchem, who lived in the XVII century. Estimate the first work is 900−1200 euros, the second - 1200−1500 euros.A landscape with shepherds based on a picture by Nicolas BerchemWilhelm Alexander Wolfgang von Kobell1791, 12.8 × 31 cm Three hours after this auction, the sale of 19th century works starts. Here we have identified a minimalist watercolorAkvarel (from Italian. "Aquarello") - a well-known technique of drawing using water-based paints, invented in Art. III. in China. Water color paints become transparent after dissolving in water; therefore, when applied to grainy paper, the image looks airy and thin. In contrast to oil paintings, there are no textured brushstrokes in watercolor paintings. The latter was a successful painter-batalist, and his work was created, apparently, in 1914 in Albania. It is estimated at 1300-1500 euros.
  • Franz Blashek, "Pears" (early XIX century). Private collection
  • Theodore Roholl, "Arrows in the Mountains" (1914). Private collection


The latest in this review will be the Bonhams auction house, which will put up for sale in London on November 13, works by British and European masters. Of the lots with relatively low cost, we advise you to pay attention to a small (only 7 to 10 cm) John Ruskin picture “A sketch of Alpine thistle and Amanda blues butterfly”. His preliminary estimate is 1.1−1.7 thousand euros.Sketch of Alpine thistle and butterfly of Amanda bluebillJohn Ruskin 1840s, 7.3 × 10.8 cmThe same preliminary estimate for David Cox Senior's watercolor “The Path to Mowing”. This outstanding watercolorist of the XIX century is one of the most significant English landscape painters and is one of the predecessors of the Impressionists.The path to haymaking David Cox1853, 25.4 × 35.5 cm “Still Life Still life is a picturesque genre focusing on the depiction of the objective world. The name "still life" comes from the French nature morte or Italian natura morta, which translates as "dead nature." In a still life depict inanimate objects, compositionally located in a realistic space. Read further with red currants "- the only picture among all listed here, written by a woman. Eloise Harriet Stannard was a representative of the Norwich school of painting, and this canvas refers to its late period, when the artist focused on the brightness of colors, glossiness and richness of texture. For this work, auctioneers are planning to get 1.1-1.7 thousand euros.Still life with red currantEloise Harriet Stannard1900, 21.6 × 30.5 cm An impressive, almost mystical landscape The development of the genre from antiquity to the present day: how did religion and the invention of oil painting contribute to the genre in Europe and why is the Hudson River so important? Read further by the bright artist of the end of the XIX - beginning of the XX century, Thomas Edwin Mytin, will attract the attention of both admirers of impressionism and Victorian painting. A preliminary assessment of the canvas called "Summer morning" is 1.4−1.7 thousand euros.Summer MorningThomas Edwin Mostin50.8 × 69.2 cmI completes this review with a practically fabulous depiction of the Milan Cathedral, made by an unknown master of the 19th century Italian school. Bidding on this surprisingly delicate and detailed work, written in gouache on lithography, will begin with 1.1 thousand euros.Milan CathedralUnknown artistXIX century, 52.5 × 74.5 cm. It is worth recalling that here are only preliminary prices. The final cost of the lot may vary. Arthiv: read us in the Telegram and look at Instagram
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