Why so appreciate "View of the Cathedral of Salisbury from the Bishop's garden" at Christie's? Sketch of Constable's masterpiece goes on record.

A happy buyer, buying at Christie's London auction a small sketch of a “follower of John Constable” for $ 5.3 thousand dollars, was unaware of his (and his) good fortune. Why do you think that at the upcoming January 29 Sotheby's auction in New York, the work is already on display with an estimate of 2-3 million dollars? Is it only because the plot of the sketch is known for the most famous work of Constable?Sotheby's catalog describes the work as “a found sketch for one of the most famous masterpieces of Constable (John Constable, 1776 - 1837)" View of Salisbury Cathedral from the Episcopal Garden "(Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows, 1831)". That is the work - the brush of John Constable himself!View of Salisbury Cathedral from the meadowJohn Constable1831, 153.7 × 192 cmThe original canvas itself (illustration above) is stored in the Tate Britain gallery, and it is also noteworthy that the extensive accompanying text for the auction was compiled by Anne Lyles, an expert on the British art of the XVIII - XIX centuries - the full version is available on the auction site. As you can see, the “recognition” of the work - the sketch in oil - was held at the highest level. Art critics believe that even then, in 2013, the art public and the buyer suspected something, because the picture was offered for sale for only $ 1,200, and was bought much more expensive, exceeding the amount by more than four times. And the work of the "second class and the average arm" rarely exceeds the estimate at times, usually considered a small added value.

The high cost of the now-proposed draft for sale was probably influenced by the loop of hype around the “main” canvas from Tate: in the spring of 2013, five British museums with the support of the National Lottery Fund united to buy the canvas and “save one of the greatest paintings of John Constable for the country” .

The picture could be sold by the owner - the former director of Barclays Bank Lord Ashtonon to a foreign collector. The amount of the transaction then exceeded 23 million pounds. So that for the sketch, collectors, apparently ready to fork out.By the way, the time for the sale of the sketch was chosen just perfect: just on January 11 in London, at the Victoria and Albert Museum, the large-scale exhibition “John Constable: Master's Establishment” ends, which caused a stir and attracted the attention of the art public to the master and his creations.Our "10 facts about the loud exhibition" (including curious facts about the "culprit" of the current publication) - for your additional attention.