"Occupied by art". Provocative Exhibition in Kharkov

December 5 in Ermilov Center, the first space of modern art in Kharkov, opened a large-scale exhibition "Occupied by art." Participants from different cities of Ukraine and not only famous names (Zhanna Kadyrova, Dmitry Dulfan, Nikita Alekseev) and interesting works of those who need to be remembered - the exhibition provokes! It encourages dialogue on “uncomfortable” topics, allows us to speak and the main thing is to be heard. What do you think, looking at this work? “Actually, these artists can draw!” - the first feedback from visitors.As emphasized, "the exhibition is a vivid example of cross-culture, the interaction of different people - artists, curators, managers - for the sake of intercultural dialogue through art." The exhibition participants are modern creators from different cities of Ukraine, from Uzhgorod to Odessa, from Kiev to Nikolaev , and the participant is from Moscow. We meet: Nikita Alekseev (Moscow), Zhanna Kadyrova, Denis Ruban, Stanislav Strelets (Kiev), Nastya Loiko (Crimea), Alexey Markitan, Victor Pokidanets (Nikolaev), Dmitry Dulfan, Alexey Chipigin, Stas Zhalobnyuk, Irina Ilinskaya, Igor Ilinsky, Sergey Solonsky (Kharkov), Vladimir Yakovets (Cherkasy), Andrey Stegura, Marcel Onisko, Robert Saller, Ruslan Tremba (Uzhgorod), etc.

The exhibition will feature works by artist Vladimir Gulich, including paintings from the series “Ghosts of Livadia”. The viewer is immersed in the sunny pop art of beaches, vacationers and sunny mood. One of the presented ironic pictures “The Future of Yalta Merit” also belongs to this series of works.

People of art from all regions of Ukraine take part in the art project. One of the special guests will be the Moscow artist, founder of the APTART movement - “apartment art” Nikita Alekseev, whose works are also kept in the Tretyakov Gallery.Table for carachocheli. Chapel of Food and Drink for Good People. Series (8 parts). Nikita Feliksovich Alekseev2006, 300 × 220 cm

Pictures of the Crimean artist Nikita Kravtsov attract attention, for example, the painting “The Wounded Swimmer”. The artist calls his own works “figurative realism”.

Among the Ukrainian artists are young and famous: Zhanna Kadyrova (Kiev), Denis Ruban (Kiev), Stanislav Strilets (Kiev), Nastya Loiko (Crimea), etc.
An artist from the Ukrainian city of Nikolaev, Aleksey Markitan, often writes ironic, good paintings. But, among his collections there are also quite provocative ones, for example, the image of three naked ones called “Saints also dance”.Breakfast for usaAleksey Vitalyevich Markitan2006, 60 × 100 cmSaints also danceAleksey Vitalyevich Markitan2004, 60 × 85 cmWe invite you to the Kharkov opening day of modern artists "Occupied by art" until January 15, 2015, at the address: Kharkov. Freedom Square, 4.
The title picture of the article “Rabbits” by artist Vladimir Gulich.