Not a word, only lines! Mysteries of Paul Klee reveal in Moscow

December 15 at the Gallery of European and American Art of the XIX-XX centuries of the Pushkin Museum. them. Alexander S. Pushkin in Moscow for the first time will be presented an exhibition dedicated to the largest master of the European avant-garde Paul Klee. The project “Not a Day Without a Line” includes more than 150 works of painting and graphics created by the master in different periods of creativity. There are unusual exhibits. We promise to return with a live report, but for now - look forward and get ready!In addition, the organizers have prepared a number of artifacts revealing the mysterious creative personality of the Swiss artist. Among them are dolls, herbarium compositions, authentic instruments and photographs. Interesting? Then we go to solve the secrets of Paul Klee in Moscow until March 1, 2015!View of Saint-Germain Paul Klee1914According to Klee, depicting the surrounding reality as it is - the most uninteresting occupation! A true artist must follow his personal perception. Therefore, before starting work, he carefully selected colors and thought through the composition, based on personal preferences and fantasies.Golden fishPaul Klee1925, 49.6 × 69.2 cmOmega 5Paul Klee1927, 57 × 43 cmBrother and sisterPaul Klee1930Two country housesPaul Klee1918, 80 × 100 cmArthiv has repeatedly introduced the works of Paul Klee, but it’s better to see all the masterpieces of the Swiss artist with your own eyes from December 15 to March 1, 2015 at the exhibition “Not a Day Without a Line” in the Gallery of European and American Art XIX-XX centuries at the address: Moscow, st. Volkhonka, 14.
The title picture of the article "The Cat and the Bird" by Paul Klee